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    Jack and Sora?

    You know at the second visit at Port Royal, someone says that Jack and Sora are really alike. Then they do "What? No...." at the exact same time..... Now that you all understand what I am talking about, what do Jack and Sora have in common? If it was just me, I would say they are nearly opposites!
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    Request a Resource

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Introduction ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I have seen many people asking for high resolution Kingdom Hearts picturess for sigs and I happen to...
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    Making your own world

    Well, I have been thinking of this recently, so I thought it would be cool to try and make your own world. It has to be either Disney or Square-Enix but how they are its up tp you! ^_^ These are some things you can use to make your own worlds. (Example) World: Gold Saucer From which...
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    KH3 world comebacks

    I read a couple of times on the forum that worlds like Alladin and Mulan could come back because they have movie sequels. It got me thinking, it would be sad (for me) to loose the Nightmare Before Christmas. So I thought is Corpse Bride owned by Disney? I wasnt sure, so im here asking. I...
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    What happened to....

    Hey, im just wondering what happened to Traverse Town and why we dont hear about it in KH2. Is it something that happened in CoM that I missed?(I dont have KH:CoM) I just want to know....
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    I know this is kind of weird but... How many of you think that Demyx ressembles Zell Dincht? That was my first reaction when I saw him. I thought they looked alike. Anyone else thought this?
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    Qucik Run areas

    I really want to aquire Quick run lvl 1, 2, 3. The thing is, can I get any tips for places where there are alot of heartless to defeat? I know that on top of a rock in Pride Lands, there are tons of easy to kill bee-heartless, but you cant use drives while in Lion state. So, can anyone help?
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    Question about the organization

    I havent bought KH: CoM yet but there is one thing I want to know. How many members of the organization were defeated during this game? As well as there names... I am playing KH2 and I can see that about half of them are there...
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    Your top 5 battle music list

    Whats your top 5 favorite battle musics in KH2? 1: He's a pirate (Port Royal) 2: Savannah Pride (Pride Lands) 3: Byte Bashing (Space Paranoids) 4: Dance of the Darling (Beasts Castle) 5: Rowdy Rumble
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    Hello everyone! Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 (but everything Square-Enix related rocks too) are awesome games, so im glad I finnaly found a place to talk about it and relax. I already go to another forum (though I doubt you know it) so I already know the rules and the spam problems (spam sucks doesnt...