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    Trailers and Actual Game Differences

    odds are I'll sound like a n00b for this, but it's been bugging me. In the trailors, if anyone bothered to be spoiled, we saw Sora in HB with Donald and Goofy, and they were fighting neoshadows (this is cutscene) and we see Sora running and about to slash an org member who is about to take of...
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    Peter Pan lost his world?

    Ok, if there has already been a thread about this, then ok. I'll get a mod to close this, so please dont spam it up with your "ZOMG DIS IZ NEW YOU DUMB N00B!!!!!!! It gets rather annoying If its old simply the first person say that it is, and then the rest shut up and wait for someone to close...
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    The Bottle

    Now, Im not sure if this is old or not, if it is, Kindly just say its old, and I'll find a mod to close it, and please dont spam it up with your 'yeah, its old'. It gets very annoying. Now, in the new trailor or whatever it is, stop at about 4:01. And you'll see what seems to be Kairi and...
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    the trailor translations Translations: - Namine: You're... you're not meant to exist, really. - DiZ: So you came... the Keyblade's Chosen One. - BHK: Who are you saying that to? Me? Sora? - DiZ: What I need is a person who flies within the world of light and destroys the XIII Order. - Minnie...