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  1. K

    Red/Pink Dress Girl

    I know this might have been in an earlier topic. but does anyone know who the girl might be? the one from the japanese commercial in which Axel takes her in some kind of portal... she looks familiar to me...but i don't know where i've seen her before... sorry if this has been discussed...
  2. K

    Need help...for HB

    well...a lot of people said that i had to play CoM..So i did... but now, i'm stuck... can anyone help me with the dragon in hb.... i know it might be one of the weakest but i can't get through... i always end up dead... any help is welcome
  3. K

    Can Anyone Help Me With The Optional Boss In Neverland...

    I've tried everything, but i still can't beat the guy.... I've played the game several times and i've never beaten him... Can anyone help me with strategy or tips to beat the boss at The Big Ben in Neverland? Thx