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    Zexion Kh2 Confirmed!?!?!?

    Which one of you said you think it's Riku? I should slap you right now. There's no resemblence.
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    New Trailer, New Org. Member, Mickey Un-robed!!!!!

    Cause if you think about it, we never really did see Zexion get done in in COM. They like cut the scene.
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    New Trailer, New Org. Member, Mickey Un-robed!!!!!

    The new org members looks f#ing sweet. One of them looks similar to Zexion. Hmmm....
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    About the New KH2 trailer...

    I noticed. It obvious and out there.
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    Kh2 Uk.

    That pack is for keychains, not a card game right?
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    Tron official

    I personally like Sora's outfit. It reminds me of Megaman for some reason. Oh and look, I just noticed Yuffie's outfit has been Adventized like Cloud's.
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    Putting Some Theories to Rest.....

    Your links or pictures don't work.
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    Putting Some Theories to Rest.....

    Funny, because it looks an awful bit like Sora's, and I don't think it's coinsidence.
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    Putting Some Theories to Rest.....

    Okay, I have a find that may put some theories about the whole Sora destiny Islands thing to rest. Now, if you follow this link and click the orange box, it'll take you too the square enix KH2 site. When you get there, click the 4th tab. Now, it'll say coming soon, and it'll have flashes of...
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    Final Fantasy 7-SOLDIER: After Advent Children

    I had another idea. You are in SOLDIER, an elite military like force once controlled by Shinra's mad dogs. Now it is as it should be. A group who protects and secures the weak, but they're still only following orders. With the big war signs rising, it seems that SOLDIER will have to take action...
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    S-cry-Ed: New Generation

    It's been 10 years since the events of s-cry-ed. Not much has changed in the lost ground, but it seems Holy has rebuilt itself, and now under a new leader seeks to obtain the power of alter for his own greed. But to do this, that means tampering with the lost ground. Most alters users have...
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    Help me!!!!!

    i was level 43. but i don't see how anyone was level 52 cause reverse rebirth is a mode where you really can just skim through it without many regular battles. well, all you should do from the start is activate your Dragon Maleficient card a.k.a. Overdive, and go on the offensive. break his...
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    Does Sora seem more mature to you?

    yeah, he did use really huge words like at Wonderland,"Who's the brazen one?" It seemed real different since COM was coming right off of KH so you'd think he'd still sound naive.
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    how long do we hav to wait

    yeah..... you mean spring or september. none have been confirmed.
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    how long do we hav to wait

    would yall plz stop askin when it's goin be released. your pissing everyone off here, well me anyway.