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    the concept of heartless and nobodies

    this has been puzzling me sometime and not even kh2 was able to answer some of my questions. I know what a heartless is but when one is killed, does it's heart return to the normal person it once was? Another question i have is about the nobodies, i know it's made from the body and soul left...
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    help with points in hades tournament

    I need help for getting points for the hades tournament, i need to get 15,000. I know it's 50 rounds so i should have more than enough time but i still end up with less! Does any one know a trick to getting that much points besides the whole just use combo advice. thank you
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    need really quick help(tifa)

    right now i'm in the hades tournamet and on lv. 49 where i had to fight squall, cloud, tifa, and yuffe. tifa is the last alive, but for some reason she won't die!! even though her whole health bar is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:mad: can someone tell me what's goin on, i keep on using trinity...
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    someone help quick!(hades cup!)

    i'm on level 48 of the hades cup and i have to fight cerubus with no allies, summons, or drives. Anyone who played this and beat it please tell me what to do!:eek:
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    Help with the titan cup

    Can someone help me with the titan cup. it's not that i can't beat it, it's just that i need to get a score of 5000 for jiminy's journal, and that's nearly imposible cause it seems that the point balls the enemies drop is not enough all through out the rounds. :(
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    something in the game (spoilers!)

    I have a question, you know when sora and rikku end up in that dark place after defeting the final enemy, do you know what it really is? I'm not sure that it is kindom hearts because in the begining of the game, one of the members of the organization was talking to roxas there, so that would...
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    Jesse McCartney as roxas

    I was wondering what you guys though of him providing the voice of roxas. personally i really couldn't see roxas sounding like him. (p.s. sorry if something like this is already up)
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    question about releasing a game

    Hey i was just wondering, has there ever been a case where a game company officially gave the release date for a game, but then the date was pushed to an earlier date then the one given?
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    hey, is their another version of passion where it has the all the lyrics of the first version plus the rock beat in the middle since the version with the rock beat has some words cut out and goes to the "my fears, my lies" part, or i can only mix the two myself. If that's the only way then can...
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    deep dive

    does anyone know where i can find the deep dive backround music, or at least what it's called, i tried lime wire, but it can only give me the version ripped off from the game
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    new keyblades

    does anyone have the pic for the new keyblades in kh2?
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    I have a question of the neo

    I know that a neo is formed from the body of a person who had a strong heart and lost it, but what happens to the body if the heart is a weak or average one? sorry it's just im still a bit lost about the neos
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    all about utada

    Hey does anyone know any good sites about utada hikaru? I'm doing a presentation on her and was wondering if you guys knew. i'll be great if you guys can help.:)
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    other summons

    Has there been any news of any more summons? The only ones I've heard so far are stich and chicken little.
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    ups and downs of kh2

    ok after hearing every about kh2 so far what do you like and dislike about it. likes -more characters -duel wielding keyblades -interesting worlds -fusion -upgraded battle system - cloud has his own side story dislikes -chicken little as a summon -besides bhk, cloud, and possibly mickey, we can...
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    real or anime cutscenes

    Me and my friend were discussing this so I would like to know what type of cut-scenes you guys would like on the game. I, personally, would like anime cut-scenes on kh2
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    something about hollow baston

    I'm not sure if anyone already post this befor but it's been running through my mind. It was said that 7 princesses of heart was needed to open a door and that door was the keyhole to hollow baston. Well it was stated in one of ansem's reports that he once went inside the keyhole and found the...
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    heartless and nobodies

    I have a question. nobodies come from heartless right? well if a heartless is killed will the nobody that came from it be destroyed? and if thats true than what happens to the nobody when it's destroyed? Does it just come back until it's heartless counterpart is killed
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    controling anyone else

    Has there been any mention that you can control other characters besides sora and bhk?
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    Lost count

    I'm sorry if there is a form like this, I was wondering if any of you have kept count of the members of the organization, cause I really lost count.