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    holy crap check this out!!

    i dont know if anything like this has been posted before, but anyways i think this is cool. my friend told me at school today to watch the secret ending again, and if u look closely, it looks like the first armor dude is standing on top of what appears to be a giant defeated monstor, perhaps a...
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    i heard from a good friend of mine today that if you play on proud mode, and beat all of jiminys journal, and the go back to where you fought sephiroth, there will be a black feather on the ground, and it will open the gate or doorway thing to the final battle between cloud and sephiroth... has...
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    about aeris in ff7 advent children..

    she does a much better job than in kh2!! its still a little bit high pitched and all, but for the most part sounds much better
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    hey i have a question

    i know at the very beggining of the game roxas was one of the cloaked people talking to eachother, but who was the other supposed to be??
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    about the secret movie..

    in the beginning of the movie, does anyone know which ansem report that was reffering to? cuz ive looked really hard and it clearly says ansems report.., but then i cant see which report it was.. does anyone know?
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    chaos and ruin..

    in the secret ending it talks about the legends of the keyblade and how its weilder bring ruin, and also peace.. and i remember in kh1 king triton saying something about not wanting the keyblade in his seas because it brings chaos and ruin.. well i think these legends came from a past keyblade...
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    who do you think..

    those guys are in the secret movie?? i think it might be sora riku and kairi in the future, that would be awesome! cuz i noticed that the bigger guy which would most likely be riku, picked up his keblade, and sora and kairi both pick up the kingdom keys.. well i dunno that would be cool if it...
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    has anyone..

    beaten the game on normal and already completed jiminies journal?? cuz its takin me forever! i have the mickey stamp on every category now except the hades paradox cup and the synthesis notes.. what about you guys?
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    help please!

    i just read here this at http://forums.khinsider.com/showthread.php?t=51016 that there is like a 1 in 273 chance that you encounter a bulky vender.. and then once you DO run into him the chances that you get an orilcalcum is also slim.. i need more orilchalcums to complete jiminies journal...
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    this is really frustrating me

    i cant seem to find a bulky vender anywhere! i need to kill it to get orichalcums but i cant find it.. ive been to all the places that it says you should look but its not there.. its not even in the journal cuz ive never seen it even though ive been playing for 75 hours now.. isnt that a little...
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    help please!

    does anyone know how toperform the glitch thing in the land of dragons where i can refill my drive gauge or something?
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    about the drive forms

    does anyone know how to level up each of the drive forms?? do you just keep killing enemies until you get a level up or is there more to it? cuz ive been killing enemies for forever it seems, and no level up.. can anyone help??
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    try this if you havent yet!

    if you want, you should go and watch the asas trailer and see how much more you understand about it now at the end when all the words are flying by, almost all of it makes sense to me now, its kinda cool edit: btw, does anyone know if that was supposed to be kairi at the end, cuz she looks...
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    poster duty wth?????

    this is hella frustrating me, does anyone know how to complete the poster duty mini game with sora within 30 seconds??? because it seems impossible
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    a question about the secret ending

    what exactly do you need to do to see it in normal mode? do you have to COMPLETELY complete every single little part of jiminies journal? cuz that would seriously take forever. and has anyone seen it yet (on their ps2 of course, not on the internet)
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    about final form

    im in twtnw and ive been trying to obtain final form for a few hours now, and there is no sign of it.. does anyone know of any of the specifics, if there are any, to obtain it? like does anyone know if you have to be on the outside or the inside of the castle? what drive form you should use...
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    does anyone know..

    where and how i can obtain final form?? that would be great :)
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    someone help!!!

    how do you obtain final form???? i am so confused i cant find it anywhere on the internet! can someone pleeaassee help pleeaassee???
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    i need some advice

    i havent seen neither tron or mulan, so im wondering if i should watch them before i play the game. do you think i would have a better experience if i dont watch them, cuz then i wont know about the plot of those movies? i guess what i really want to know is would not watchin them or watching...