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    New Organization Theory.

    your theory makes sense, but I don't think it will happen, but hey at least your theory is understandable unlike the one below this one, "....where the road ends...." so feel proud that you know how to type
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    My guess: KH2 will be hard...

    SORRY, i remember VERY well in a interview with namoura ( I know I probably massacured his name, sorry about that too ) him saying that he is going to make it alot easier cause people complained about KH 1 being to hard, you might be able to find that interview here on Kingdomhearts2.net
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    whats chernabog

    he was easy, he needed those little minions from fantasia ( which is the best musical ever ) to help him fight to make it alittle tougher, I beat him in about 3 min. with the original keyblade, which is honestly just as strong as ultima weapon if you get around level 70. ( also as far as...
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    ice titan strategy

    ummm, ok... thanks... I don't remember anyone asking... and I'm pretty sure we all know that... and umm.... yeah................................................
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    KH2 Theme Song?

    numa numa would be awsome, I would pay an extra $20 to hear numa numa on KH
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    Kh2 Info

    sora turns out to be a dream, and tidus has to take over the role of the lead character, and auron decides to use voo doo to bring sora back and then sora and tidus have a duel to the death, and tidus is winning, but right before tidus gives the final blow, JIMINY CRICKET comes to the rescue...
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    Best way(s) to reach level 100 for all characters. (Expert and Easy)

    ok guys there is a super easy way of leveling up, it's called the hurculese cup, all you have to do, is beat up on the blue mushroom a whole lot ( don't say "but thats two hard" becuase a few months ago, before me friends decided to borrow it for close to 4 months I could get him up to 30 with...
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    Is thier a secrate movie for kh:com?

    it should, but only if you fill up jiminys jorunal compleatly
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    some good news

    but gentelmen and ladies, what does it matter if the demo is at E3, that i don't appriceiate the update, but E3 is mostly reserved for the press, so unless someone here works for the press or is a really good con artist, the E3 demo won't be of much use to us, sure their might be a few new...
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    Twilight characters

    namine isn't kairis shell, she is just a witch, she describes herself as kiaris shadow in CoM only because she's refering to herself as taking kiaris place in soras' heart and memories
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    when is it in?

    the year 3485, in the month of jebuary, 57th at 69 o'clock, hey nobody can yell at me cause none of you know, so as far as we know I could be right, so ha ::sticks out tounge::.... acually I'm full of bull poopie...
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    Kiaris new look

    I hope to see her trying to squeez into the clothes she wore in the first one, haha, that would be hillarious to me
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    post yer least fav world in kh

    ATLANTI- FREAKING - CA was the worst choice they could have possibly made, I didn't have a problem with monstro though, and at first I thought I hated halloween town, but then around my 8th playthrough I realized that for 2 years I had my TVs brightness on the lowest it could be and durring...
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    Is it just me........................?

    yeah seriously whats so confusing here people, riku is from destiny islands, so is sora, kairi is from hallow bastion, namine is from... ok well you got me there, either twilight town or castle oblivion, and BHK is from twilight town for sure
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    Maybe For ds

    it would be cool on the DS but very... odd... yeah I thought that CoM was a darn good game, but with the touch screen... I suppose you could move sora with it and attack with the buttons, or vice versa, I admit hitting heartless with a stylus to make sora attack would be pretty cool, but it...
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    level ups no more??

    i've seen soras health maxed out at the top of his head somewhere before, I know I have, but that defense thing where the HP stays the same and you defense increases sounds cool
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    BHK name & crazy lame theory

    i want his name to be... sudit... it's pretty ovious why, not that I'm one of those people who thing that he is titus, thats retarted, titus was on the island and he was like 10 at the time, and BHK is oviously older than 11 or 12... but no one would expect it, and those idiots who said it was...
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    Their Eyes !

    SE- ok who brought the hat steve (SE employe)- I did Bob Bob ( original SE )- good, ok put in the colors steve-k Bob- ok and soras eyes are... drum role please... blue everyone- HURRAY steve-ok ok, now kairis Bob- alrighty, kairis eyes are...oh look at that, blue Everone- o cool what a...
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    Fragment Theory

    thats out there... but I guess that if they had to S-E could make it work... but I doubt it
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    D-pad vs. right analog stick

    right anolog stick, cause the D pad would mean you had to stop moving, and then you are a still target, and how dumb is that