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  1. Jackstin

    if you could have a (direct) sequel to any FF game, which would it be?

    With news of a potential Final Fantasy X-3 receiving a mixed reception, and Lightning Returnsn being shortly with us, now seems an ideal time to ask about your fantasy sequels. I myself have always thought about a sequel to XII which ties together the story of XII and Tactics Advance with Vaan...
  2. Jackstin

    E3 2013 Speculation

    MMXIII, like FFXIII, but...because MMXIII is Roman...numerals...for... Anyway! What are your dream announcements? What are you looking forward to seeing? Will Square Enix disappoint? Will Versus XIII become XV? Will Versus XIII move to PS4? What's in your dream FFXV? What about 3DS? Isn't it...
  3. Jackstin

    Imaginary Range

    Anyone played this yet on iPhone? It has Chocobos and Moogles, so it's basically a Final Fantasy. In fact, if anyone sees the last scene and doesn't think Final Fantasy, then they are clearly Japanese and are thinking Finaru Fantaji. BTW it's terrible. Terrible but free.