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    I Know, I Know - Not Another KH3 Question

    ok guys since death has never officially introduced in kh series. Do you believe TAV will be brought back and meet SRK officially? like an actual conversation and all. kh2 final mix of course didnt count with terra. but what do you think?
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    armor/belt buckle theory

    first off: ok everyone you are all trying to disprove me with your own theory on how becoming master works. so lets say my theory is based on: keyblade chooses, its master, therefore the wielder is keyblade master. TAV were not chosen therefore are no master, and therefore cannot summon it...
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    chaser theory

    ok just a quick question, did we ever have a confirmation of TAV being called keyblade apprentices? if they have been officially confirmed that then....this theory is a total fail...but i dont know, so i'll just tell it anyways. my theory is that the rank TAV is called chaser. of course, the...
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    ok simple unbirth thoery

    this theory is 50% mine and 50% keybladelegacy. ok we all know a being is made up of soul, heart and body right? ok so heartless has the heart and nobody has soul and body right? so possible combinations for unbirth could be heart+soul or heart+body. but without the soul both heart and...
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    SS astro

    i found this manga called SS astro. its about teachers and its pretty funny. has anyone else ran across it?
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    quick question

    is megumi tayoguchi really voicing xion, i find no information on that. and also i find it really strange, the only ones i heard she voiced were aqua and paine (which both sound very alike) but is there anything on xion?
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    Help/Support ► sorry i came back

    i really dislike posting problems in KHI because i dont want ppl in KHi think of me as a deprssed girl who cant take care of herself. But its like if i say i'm depressed in here, someone is gong to force an issue on it instead of leaving me alone. so i'll just say what happening. I've been...
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    New roxas theory

    ok remember that WhinyAcademic (or something like that) saying that organization XIII cloaks help someone not get devoured by darkness? and that both Xion and Roxas were special nobodies. i know they might have been reffering to the keyblade but still, i think it was because they couldnt get...
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    why it still remains as organization 13, and not 14

    i think why organization 13 remains "13" is because no one could figure out which nobody xion belonged to. and this could go into the theory of "no i" name. so since she was never confirmed to have an other/somebody, she wasnt fully accepted into organization 13. i wanted to say another...
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    kingdom hearts OVA

    you think they will make a kingdom hearts OVA anime? its just a question, but if you think so what do you thinkit will be about? events before birth by sleep " a side story of TAV" or after kh2 or after kh3? try not toflame at me, its just a question, and when i thought of it, it sounded...
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    BBS and 358/2 days censored

    ok im not so ure if someone made a thread about this but in kh2 they censored a few stuff like axel was suppose to catch o nfire while killing the nobodies to save help sora escape. and in the pirates of the carebean world, willturner was suppose to threaten the pirates by killing himself and...
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    Q ko chan

    has anyone ever read Q ko chan? its from the makers of fl cl. the art doesnt look so complicated but the story is pretty graphic, the story is almsot liek fl c, just without the crazy guitar women hitting robots
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    a question i had for a while

    if a charm changes the form of akeyblade, and if the TAV's keyblades=SRM's keyblade is true. than wouldnt it mean that removing the keychainit would look like its original form? well this is a theory. but anyways, if the theory is correct, how come we dont see any new keyblade forms in birth...
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    quick question

    what is marluxia's element? is it wood or something?
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    blood transfusion

    in the bible it says that the blood is sacred, and that it shouldnt be used as an to heal one another. well the cristian bible said that. anyways, after dong research on blood transfusion (thanx to jehova's witnesses) i notice that blood transfusion isnt much helping people, in fact, some...
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    pixar in kingdom hearts?

    many assume chicken little is pixar and makes us think that pixar oculd be in kingdom hearts, but after doing research pixar is a computer animated movie NOT by pixar, so i was thinking.... do you still think pixar will be in future kingdom hearts or... chicken little was the only thing u...
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    im going to go away for a while

    in a few days (after reading help and support) i'll be going away for a while, i need to rethink my life and see my goals and ideals, and this will take a very long time for me and i might come back as a different person, so expect an epiphany, metamorphosis, etc. when i come back. for those...
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    what happened to the request section?

    yea the title says it all. was it removed? or just moved ot another spot
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    Quick question about christianity.

    for the people who believe humans go to heaven after they die: remember when jesus ressurected a good person? and since he thought he was good, shouldnt that mean he shouldve gone to heaven? so why did jesus ressurected the person when he was better off in heaven?
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    Help/Support ► a not-so big problem

    forget it