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  1. Got_it_Memorized


    Maybe i havnt gotten far enough yet but, does anyone know wich Dream Eaters give the the best commands, ie for Riku Dark Firaga, Dark Break Dark Aura?
  2. Got_it_Memorized

    Play time

    So idk about you guys but. I am probably going to play this game and story over and over till i can say everything the characters say forwards and backwards. So Discussion is, is anyone playing, just to get through the game and story and be done and who is trying to get 100% on proud and...
  3. Got_it_Memorized

    Kingdom Hearts Attire

    Does anyone know if there is any DDD Shirts or anything available to purchase if so where could i go to order something. Also does anyone have any neat shirts or anything KH. If this is in the wrong section i apologize, feel free to put it where ever it belongs if it is. again sorry
  4. Got_it_Memorized


    Anyone ever put together KH Insider Tshirts? That would be awesome. just an idea, putting the "Kingdom Hearts Insider" logo on the front something on the back like idk. "Got it Memorized?" (i know its a little biast but still not a bad idea i think) anything really tho.
  5. Got_it_Memorized

    KH3 hopes

    Anyone else feel like with everything thats been left out and has to be gone through to get through everything we need to know... that it seems like KH3 is just going to be the longestg and most epic game EVER. All the back story with "BBSV2" that im hoping is included in Kh3 Lights and...
  6. Got_it_Memorized

    Terra: Darkness Light or both..

    Im sure someone else has thought about this but i havnt seen anything but does anyone else think that Terra could fight off Xehanorts hold and get his body and heart back and become one of the Lights but a Terranort from the past ends up being one of the Darknesses as well? Thats truly what im...
  7. Got_it_Memorized


    Im still kind of new here but this place is addicting i feeling commenting and posting something everywhere. KHI is getting to me. Im sure that there was a thread for this probably a while back but. Id like to know whos peoples favorite Characters are or Keyblades or Favorite all time moments...
  8. Got_it_Memorized

    DDD Keyblade Discussion (no spoilers)

    Just curious as to how people feel about the Keyblade designs for DDD at least the ones we know about. Personally most of them i hate the rest i love. Dive Wing End of Pain and Ultima look great. And when i get the game i always try and beat it without every switching Keyblades just because i...
  9. Got_it_Memorized

    Taking Forever

    I know that DDD release is actually very quick for NA for only 4 months after JP date but it still feels like it is taking FOREVER.. every day and week seems to take longer and longer for it to get here! I want to FSU already!!! :mad:
  10. Got_it_Memorized

    Just joined

    Been Following KHI for a while now. Just joined hope to get to know some of you guys and have some heated debates during the down time. Kingdom Hearts Forever!!! :smile:
  11. Got_it_Memorized


    Just want to make myself known. i Love KH to no end been playing since it first came out and i have beaten each game more times than i can count. Sadly i found spoilers on DDD at one point without wanting to but im stuck on the talk. haha looking forward to some KH discussion during my free time...