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  1. snow_flake40

    DDD listed in 'Most-Wanted Games' by readers of Famitsu

    So, Famitsu has recently held a survey, asking their readers to list their most anticipated games. It's not a 3DS-only list, but lo and behold Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance still ranks at number 22. Hurray. Are you surprised, unfazed, etc? Here's the full list... (Source: RPGLand)
  2. snow_flake40

    Kingdom Hearts DDD for April 2012?

    Kinda late coming across this bit of news, so sorry if it's been posted before. Anyway, apparently a guy working at a video game store in Japan received this flyer... The relevance to KH? The last bullet point claims that Dream Drop Distance (キングダム ハーツ 3D [ドリーム ドロップ ディスタンス]) will be released...
  3. snow_flake40

    Multiplayer in KHIII/DDD?

    If there's already a thread on this, I apologize, but I did a quick search and nothing came up, so... Anyway, in each handheld KH game, there has been a multiplayer element. CoM has fighting using the link-up cable, Days has co-op Mission Mode with the Organization members, BBS has the Mirage...
  4. snow_flake40

    My Attempt At A Naminé Theory

    My first theory post and I'm going after the big one. Here goes... (Caution: BBS Spoilers (though I'm not sure if you have to put spoiler warnings on BBS content anymore... Just in case)) ~~~ Naminé is...tricky. No denying that. Her entire existence defies all logic. But, basically, I...
  5. snow_flake40

    Different Control Systems in DDD

    Sorry if this has been possted before, but I did a quick search and nothing came up. So here goes... I was reading over that Famitsu interview about DDD from back in January when I saw/remembered this bit: But so far from the screenshots, it looks like Sora and Riku have pretty much...