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  1. Riku's Twilight

    FF Character's World?

    I remember in KH1 Leon said that 10 years prior, the heartless destroyed their world. Does that mean we can expect to see a FF world in KH: BBS?
  2. Riku's Twilight

    A Question about the new Pokemon Games

    I was wondering, since I am still playing crystal, how the newer ones are, and if they are worth me running out and getting. It's only an opinion I want, and I would be thankful for your help.
  3. Riku's Twilight

    Don't know that anyone would care

    But my Birthday is on 4/30. fast approaching.
  4. Riku's Twilight

    Is Final Mix+ region-free?

    I wanted to know if Final Mix+ was region-free, and also if there was an option for english text. I'm sure someone's imported it, and I'm sure that they'd know. Please get back to me, thanks.
  5. Riku's Twilight

    Can I Get A Summary of Everything, Plz?

    I'm not very good at interpreting hints and stuff, and I haven't played in a while, too. So can someone please say what is being planned for the next game, as much as is known? Thanks. I've tried to look at the threads on here and I haven't really had the time to look through all of them...
  6. Riku's Twilight


    I don't feel it's exactly right to say RIP. Rest in peace, maybe, but with the acronyms RIP, it just feels so gloomy... Any opinions?
  7. Riku's Twilight


    I beat KH2 on Proud, but the secret ending didn't play! Am i supposed to wait or what?
  8. Riku's Twilight

    My New Theory On KH3

    I think that it'll be about the Keyblade Wars. That, I think, is what was shown in the secret ending. I think that the dark guy is possibly a heartless of the heartless of Xehanort. I suspect it took place while Sora was in Castle Oblivion.
  9. Riku's Twilight

    Skateboarding Lessons

    I'm horrible at skateboarding. I need help even to get going. Can anyone offer any advice? Oh, and if you thought that this was gonna give you a lesson, I won't dissapoint you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5i47xViRMM&NR
  10. Riku's Twilight

    Lunargyros Manga

    I was wondering if anyone found the manga for Lunargyros somewhere where I don't have to pay for it. I mean, I have the money and everything, but my parents won't let me pay to join somewhere. Don't think I'm trying to get out of payments, because if you check here...
  11. Riku's Twilight

    Fanfiction ► Darkness...

    (Um, I'm just writing this for spare time. No chapters, nothing like that. It's just a KH2 fanfic about what takes place afterward.) "What is it?" asked Riku. "I don't know." said Kairi. Her voice was still shaky from the nervousness she felt around Sora. "Well, let's open it and see!"...
  12. Riku's Twilight

    Hikki or Tamaki Nami?

    Who's better? I like Tamaki Nami best.
  13. Riku's Twilight

    A Song Idea for DDR

    I think Heroine by Tamaki Nami should be a DDR song. Or is it already. It's perfect for a DDR song.
  14. Riku's Twilight


    If you truly comprehend why Sora reacted to seeing Riku again that way, you'll realize that Riku is the best thing Sora's had in his life. They've been friends longer than Kairi has been on Destiny Islands. Sora knew Kairi was safe, but Riku he had no clue what or where he was. He saw Kairi...
  15. Riku's Twilight

    "We'll Go Together"

    It's also a line by one of the characters in FFVII:AC. Do u think there's a connection?
  16. Riku's Twilight

    Wasn't Demyx Harder Then Xemnas?

    It took me more tries to beat Demyx then Xemnas. What about u?
  17. Riku's Twilight

    Going to Homecoming?

    Or if u already went, just thought I could ask. Mine's tommorow. EEEEEEEEEEE! I'm so excited!
  18. Riku's Twilight

    Secret Ending Knights from FFXII?

    I looked at a trailer of FFXII from the CE dvd I got w/ my game. The knights look like the ones in the Secret ending. wish i could post a vid, but anyon who has the game, look at a trailer, or thwe intro tho the CE dvd. PLZ POST!
  19. Riku's Twilight

    Fav Hikki Song?

    Mine's WINGS. How bout yours?
  20. Riku's Twilight


    I need ideas for halloween costumes. It's my last year, and I want it ti be special. I want it to be something you can buy in a store.