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  1. 8-Ball

    Wow, I haven't been on here in months

    I haven't been on this site in months. Then I thought about the days when I posted in here everyday. My rush to get to 1,000 posts. Haha, wow. I kind of miss these forums. My love for Kingdom Hearts is still there, but I miss this sight. If anybody remembers me, tell me. My old name was...
  2. 8-Ball

    A Clockwork Orange

    I heard it is good. My avatar and sig are pics of a Clockwork Orange and I haven't even seen the movie. The book was great though, and from watching clips on youtube of it, it looks great. I want to see it. Tell me if you have seen the movie and if it is worth watching. I didn't read the book...
  3. 8-Ball


    Who thinks it is great that A-Rod is going to be a Yankee...AGAIN!? $305 million included with $6 million dollar incentives for passing Wille Mays, Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, tieing Barry Bonds and passing Barry Bonds for his personal ownership of the top spot on the all-time homeruns list. MLB...
  4. 8-Ball

    KH and KH2!

    http://www.us.playstation.com/PS2/Games KH and KH2 are apparently 2 of the PS2's Top Ten Games. If you look on the right hand side of the page.
  5. 8-Ball


    Who saw the movie Click with Adam Sandler? I did, and loved it. Post your thoughts about it here if you have seen it and dont base your opinions off of the commercials becuase you didnt see the whole movie.
  6. 8-Ball

    I need some tips

    Ok, the LE Guide does not explain very well on how to get the 1000 points in the Cereberus Cup and every time I try I come up short buy like 150 points. Can someone please give me tips on how to get more points?
  7. 8-Ball

    Did Anyone?

    Did anyone else get the LE Strategy Guide Early? I did. If u dont believe me ill be posting pics up shortly.
  8. 8-Ball

    Has anyone seena KH2 commercial yet?

    Has anyone seen a KH2 commercial yet? I was just wondering if I am missing it or if it hasnt come out yet on TV.
  9. 8-Ball


    Aybody need help? Ive got the answers you might be seeking. Just PM or post your problem, and then ill will tell you what to do.
  10. 8-Ball

    New KH2 Ultimania Scans!

    http://www.khinsider.com/news2/headlines/143095173.shtml Check it out, there are 9 new scans of KH2 Ultimania. If u have seen them already, I dont care, but for those who haven't seen them, here you go.
  11. 8-Ball


    I just went to ESRB's website, and i typed in Kingdom Hearts 2 and nothing came up. Check it out ---> http://esrb.com/search_results.asp?key=Kingdom+Hearts+2&type=game&validateSearch=1&x=13&y=7
  12. 8-Ball


    I have a question for the people of these forums. Will you come back onto this site after the Dec. 22 release of KH2 in Japan? I asked this becuase there are going to be spoilers ( you know, people who come onto the site and tell us every single detail of the game just to ruin our experience of...
  13. 8-Ball

    Demyx and BHK

    Demyx is the father of BHK. Demyx wanted BHK to join his band as the drummer, BHK didnt want to join the band, so he ran away, and that is why BHK has 2 keyblades. This isnt Fan Fiction. I read an interview that asked Nomura questions about BHK and this is what the interview said. The interview...
  14. 8-Ball

    Dont no if this a new image.

    I dont know if this is a new image, but it is fresh off of KHU's site. I thought it was a cool image of the gummi ship. Please dont flame me either if this isnt a new pic. http://kh2.co.uk/image.php?view=update/6161bf3b.png <------------------------ it's old, but feel free to look.
  15. 8-Ball

    Family Guy

    who thinks Family guy is the best show ever? I DO!!! it is so funny. :D Tell me what you think about the show.
  16. 8-Ball

    Need help with Kingdom Hearts (not CoM)

    Does anyone need help with Kingdom Hearts. Need help fighting a boss like like the Ice Titan, Sephiroth, Curt Zisa, the Phantom, etc.. Need help locating something or obtaining something. Or need help in a world or anything else with anything involving Kingdom Hearts. Well i am the guy to talk...
  17. 8-Ball

    my friend said she cried on some parts of KH1, did u?

    My friend said she cried during some parts of KH1. Did u?
  18. 8-Ball

    Who was the coolest character of KH u think

    Post about who u thought the coolest character was
  19. 8-Ball

    what would be cooler

    what would be cooler a Kingdom Hearts movie or a Kingdom Hearts television show? i say movie
  20. 8-Ball

    How many games do u think will be in the KH series

    Take poll and post.