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  1. JTD95

    Site Revamped?

    This might seem like a stupid thing to ask for but, on the main site it says that the Japanese Kingdom Hearts Portal site has been completely revamped. I went to the site to see its new version, but nothing had changed. I noticed that it hadn't changed for some other peoples to. So what I'm...
  2. JTD95

    Deep Jungle and KH1 & KH2 for PS3?

    Okay so if they make a HD version of KH1 and KH2 for the PS3, what will they do with the Deep Jungle world? Since they've lost the copyrights too it doesn't that mean they'll have to remove it? And they can't replace it with another world since then they would have to make new cutscenes for that...
  3. JTD95

    BBS Special Edition Art Book Question?

    I was wondering, has anyone scanned the BBS art book that you got in the European special edition or is all the pictures in there exactly like the once from the Ultimania?
  4. JTD95

    Help/Support ► Memory Card part 2

    Okay, seems like I have to make another thread seeing as the other one just died and I didn't get much answers. Well here's my new once: 1. Why was my Memory Card corrupted? What is the reason for a Memory Card to become corrupted? 2. How do I fix it so that it will work again and I'll get my...
  5. JTD95

    Memory Card

    Okay, I was playing Birth By Sleep and suddenly got a massage saying that it couldn't read the data install, and I thought okay whatever... Not long after I tried to save the game and I got a message that my files were corrupt. So I stopped the game and went to the PSP main menu and got a...
  6. JTD95

    KH Cover/Menu

    KH1 Cover: http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20080218042844/kingdomhearts/images/5/52/KH-Boxart.jpg KH1 Menu: http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20090829122657/kingdomhearts/images/9/9d/DBScreenshot.jpg KH1FM Cover...
  7. JTD95

    Help/Support ► PSP on TV

    I have a question. Is there a way to use the TV as a screen while you play on your PSP and uses the PSP like it was a controller? If you can do this then how? Do you connect your PSP to the TV some way and then play on it? Do you connect the PSP to the PS3 and plays on the TV? If there is a...
  8. JTD95

    *Spoilers* Final Boss Coded

  9. JTD95

    Ansem SoD = Complete?

    Ansem the Seeker of Darkness (Xehanort's Heartless), is a short Brown cloaked Heartless. That's what he originally looked like as a Heartless. Later by the end of KH1, Ansem SoD possessed Riku and later kicked Riku's heart out. After kicking Riku's heart out of Riku's body, Ansem SoD later...
  10. JTD95

    Kh3 Interview

    Has anybody posted this yet? Close if it has... Kingdom Hearts 3 in NOT in Development Yet
  11. JTD95

    Swap Magic

    Okay, I got the Swap Magic 3.6 but what am I suppose to do now?
  12. JTD95

    Kingdom Hearts Another Dive

    On KH13 I saw a thread linking to a Square Enix website called "Kingdom Hearts Another Dive" KINGDOM HEARTS Another Dive Some people in the thread says that they can see younger versions of Master Xehanort and Master Eraqus on the site Heres a screenshot of the site if you can't see the image:
  13. JTD95

    Help/Support ► Swamp Magic

    Okay I'm not sure if this is the right place to past this but, where can I get a Swamp Magic that works on a regular PS2 and a PS2 Slim? And don't send me a link to this site: Slim Tool and Swap Magic 3 Combo for V12 "slim" PSTwo Console / ModChipStore.com I have already ordered it from that...
  14. JTD95

    BBS Site update

    Don't know if this has been posted yet but the BBS site updated th14th April with adding a new world, The Keyblade Graveyard. The site has also added some new gameplay videos KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep
  15. JTD95

    Tetsuya Nomura questions

    Hey, don't know if this has been posted yet here but I found over at Heartsation an interview with Nomura where fans have asked questions about KH 358/2 Day Heres a link to the interview: 358/2 Days Fan Powered Q&A with Series Director HEARTSTATION.ORG All credit to Heartstation
  16. JTD95

    Jack Sparrow

    Riku touched Terras Kayblade making him a Keyblade wielder in the future and the same with Kairi. But when Jack Sparrow touched Soras Keyblade does that mean that he can become a Keyblade wielder in the future? I know the answere is most likely NO, but I wanna know why it is...
  17. JTD95

    Summon weak Heartless

    Why do the villain's often summon weak Heartless? Like Maleficent in Hollow Bastion when she's summoning Soldier heartless to attack Saïx "Haha! There is no way you will defeat my 7 Soldier Heartless" Or when she summons Shadows in Agrabah to attack data Sora. Now I wonder why do they summon...
  18. JTD95


    In the KH Days Ultimania it says that Sora arrived at Castle Oblivion on day 24 Xion joined the Organization on day 7 So How could Xion be created from Sora's lost memories when he hadn't lost them yet?
  19. JTD95

    Absent Silhouette

    I'm just wondering, do you think we will fight the rest of the Organization's Absent Silhouette's in KH3?
  20. JTD95

    *SPOILERS* Xehanort's face

    How did Terranort's face change to apprentice Xehanort's face? And why does Xehanort from the secret ending look diffrent from Xehanort in Mickey's flashback?