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  1. mistyElk0

    Mew Mew Power: Attack of the Predicite Heartless

    (Okay A.J. and I came up with this rp for HeartlessWhisper. She had to get her teeth pulled today so here's a gift for her from A.J. and me.. ^_^....... .... PM me or A.J. in order to join.. Experenced role-players only. No newbies please.) This is a mix rp of Mew Mew Power, Kingdom Hearts and...
  2. mistyElk0

    InuYasha: The Cursed Forest

    Me an A.J. came up with this PLEASE READ FIRST!!! Okay this is a cross between InuYasha and The Grudge. If a person dies in a fit of rage... Their spirit continues to haunt the living... In the year 2004..... A murder had...
  3. mistyElk0

    Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories: Evils Reprieve

    Me and A.J. came up with this.... Some time ago a group of friends snuck into a castle that was being used as a fort by a group of bad guys. Why the group was in the castle they stumbled onto some plans.... But before they could warn everybody else. The Naraku, Ansem, Darth Vader, a man named...
  4. mistyElk0

    Kingdom Hearts: Forgotten Memories

    PLEASE READ FIRST PM me if ya want to join "or not it doesn't really matter" INTRO One day everybody everywhere woke up with no memories of their past. But they seemed to remember their name, friends and families. They just had no memories of of how they had met their friends or how close...
  5. mistyElk0

    Danger Through Time

    Please read first! Okay this is a rpg for all the people who have ever been in one of mine or A.J.'s rpg's... HERE'S THE STORY Everybody has gather at Koni's house to celebrate Corri's first birthday. Everyone was having a good time till and old friend showed up. Rodyle showed up and gave...
  6. mistyElk0

    Spirit Detectives

    Please read first! This is like a yu yu hakusho rpg... Just not with thoes character "inless you want to play as 'em". Okay some high school students have been hired as spitit detectives. Their job is to protect the human world from demons. But not all demons are bad. Some team up with the...
  7. mistyElk0

    Kinda Like Sailor Moon: Part 3

    PLEASE READ FIRST!!!! NOTE: I started Kinda Like Sailor Moon Part 1 and Part 2 on the old forums. Oh and if ya ever been in one of A.J.'s rpg's mine are kinda like his. One thing about my rpg's... ANYTHING GOES! -god moding -cursing "But please bleep out really bad words" -ect - demons...
  8. mistyElk0

    Worst/ Funniest Videogame Quote!

    Just as the title says. What's the worst/ funniest videogame quote you can think of? Just state what game it from, post the quote and say why it's bad. It can be a funny quote too. Here's mine. From Kingdom Hearts "Kairi... Kairi's inside me? It just doesn't sound right.