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  1. Davidsawr

    Kingdom Hearts Yu-gi-Oh Cards

    I made these almost a year ago and since Ive been pretty active on KHI recently I figured Id put em here. Kingdom Hearts Deck - Casual Cards & Design - Yugioh Card Maker Forum If theres some forum rule where you cant link other forums(some websites do that) ill put every image but thats a...
  2. Davidsawr

    Which FF game should I play first

    I like Final Fantasy and want to start playing but Im not sure where to start. I want to understand the story especially with cloud and sephiroth and aerith and zack but I dont want to have to play EVERY game.
  3. Davidsawr

    Sora cant be able to use drive forms once ventus is rescued

    If sora can use the second keyblade because ventus's hearts took refuge inside him, and if the seven guardians are gathered together/rescued/saved (which presumably includes ventus), then would sora lose his second keyblade. And with out two keyblades, valor, master, and final forms arent gonna...
  4. Davidsawr

    Zero Point Secret Episode

    Is the secret episode where you get to play as Aqua in the realm of darkness only in the 2.5 version or was it in the original final mix version for the psp cause I dont have a ps3 but I have KH2 FM and BBS FM. I know KH2 didnt have anything new added other than some changes in the credits and...
  5. Davidsawr

    Aqua, Terra, Ventus vs Xehanort Cutscene

    Does anyone else get emotional when they watch the cutscene with Aqua, Terra, Ventus fighting Xehanort and Vanitas. Its before you actually get to fight them in BBS and I think its the secret ending of KH2. When I watch it has the feels that no other cutscene in KH gives me. Not only does it...
  6. Davidsawr

    100% Re:coded Completion

    So I finally got 100% on critical mode and I have to say some of the crap in this game almost made me snap my DS in half. I love the game and it has a ton of unique gameplay and some cool bosses but it feels like critical mode is too hard almost. I feel like critical should be challenging and...