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  1. Night Shadow

    an ansem theorie

    i think he is, or rather was a kbm. riku didnt get his 2nd keyblade untill he fused w/him, so maybe the heartunlocker was ansem keyblade. he also says in his reports that he found the heart of his world, so im guessing the door was open, and come on people, who just stumbles upon an open door to...
  2. Night Shadow

    non-existant dalmations?

    okay my friend deleted my file when i had all the dalmations so i started over and got all of then back exept for i think 9 of them. but when i press the triangle button it says i got all of them from all the worlds.ive been all over end of the world witch i think is the only one not listed but...
  3. Night Shadow

    synth. help

    ive been wandering around alot but i cant find ~a thunder gem ~a power shard ~a blaze shard ~a lucid gem im constantly geting the shard or the gem form of the thing when i need the other...can someone help me?