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    if you don't like spoilers, don't read this!

    props, my fellow KH fans. i'm not usually a spoiler fan, but i really want to make this clear. remember the scene where DiZ holds namine? she says something in japanese, but as a veteran anime series nerd, i'm almost sure that she says a person's name, then "it's a promise, ok?" conclusion: the...
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    pete...as a freakin' LION????

    i know many of you have seen this pic, but i'd like to know your opinions about this. personally, i think it's kind of lame, the design could be better. but who the hell am i to complain about a character in a game...i like the big belly detail.
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    be prepared

    now that there is not much time until KH2 comes out, are u going to prepare yourselves to it??? i'm thinking of passing the whole KH game again and kick sephi's ass lots and lots of times what about u ppl