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    Nr. vs. AoD (new fight)

    ... I won't elaborate on the rules. AoD, I know you won't make spelling errors (you're too good for that), so I don't need a rule for that. No PP, GM, and we need 3 judges before this starts. But for abilities...include all forms, limits of powers, etc. Pull out all the stops - I'm gonna pull...
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    Dark Phoenix vs. Sun-Dive Superman: Battle of da Century!

    Yes, we have the ULTIMATE battle. Sun-Dive Superman, the invincible man even MORE powerful than before, vs. DARK PHOENIX, who can make a star go supernova and has the power to wipe out a Shi'ar battlefleet WITH HER MIND. BEGIN DEBATE!
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    Yoda Vs. Anakin Skywalker

    Yeah, this'll be an interesting match. Who'dya think would win? We're talking abotu Anakin BEFORE he gets put in big black armor and becomes the Great Lord Vader. And Yoda during the time of the Jedi Council and when he has the backing of the full Jedi Order. Debate.
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    Mace Windu vs. Riku

    I saw that Yoda vs. King Mickey thread, and I wondered; who would win? Riku or Mace Windu? Riku has darkness, yes; but Mace Windu has Vaapad. Vaapad = uses their own darkness against the opponent
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    Mr. vs. AoD

    ... I won't elaborate on the rules. AoD, I know you won't make spelling errors (you're too good for that), so I don't need a rule for that. No PP, GM, and we need 3 judges before this starts. You can use any template you want, I'm flexible. I'll post my template after yours is done, AoD...
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    Mr. VS. GoH

    The Rules: 1. No godmoding or powerplaying 2. NO SPAMMING. Only the judge and the contestants (GoH and I) may converse here, if there is a mix-up or such. You post once to say you are watching, then do not post again. 3. We'll go the to the 5th page, then we get the judge to decide who wins...
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    "Challenge a Stranger": Mr. Challenge Thread

    Righto. To the point of this. You challenge me. I accept. We make a board. Battle. Then we repeat. Good? 'Kay. Now, to the rules: 1. Godmoding = no. Beeyotch. Also, NO POWERPLAYING. AT ALL. 2. Please, I would like a challenge, but don't come if you have a Valyon Lightstar or any other godling...
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    Fanfiction ► The Snakeskin Effect: A Little Story on Sick Suicide (KH One-Shot, Suicide, AU)

    WARNING: The following story has heavy cursing, gore, sanity issues and suicidal actions. There is also hinted Namxel also, so leave if you hate that pair. If you have thoughts in real life such as these characters do, please consult a doctor and talk to your parents about your feelings. Nothing...
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    "The Quest to 10000 Pages!" game!

    This is a game in which you will help us get to 10000 pages. It was done on the other forum I went to, and it's extremely fun. >:3 Post anything random, as long as it's not complete, total spam! Anything to get to 10000 pages! Jibberish, complex talking, random conversations, you name it. Now...
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    I'm in the mood to kick ass. Come and get some. (RP Battle against Ben-Gal)

    OHHH, I'm testing out my character I've had since I was five. OK, I know you're all like 'WTF LOL THIS BITCH CANT DO SHIZZLE', but I can. >D I adore in-close, sword to sword duels, and train all of my characters so they are wonderful in that area of combat that I love. Here's my philophsy about...
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    Anybody see that Penny Arcade comic?

    http://www.penny-arcade.com/images/2006/20060331.jpg This made me cry laughing. XD Go read it, it roxs.
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    Fanfiction ► The Apocalypse; A Meta Knight One-Shot

    Yeah, so this is it. I'm posting a Meta Knight one-shot. It's about the final battle Meta Knight and Kirby have on the Halberd in one of the Kirby games as the ship is falling. Yeah. Enjoy or die. KIRBY FANS UNITE. Oh, and Disclaimer: I don't own anything in this fanfiction. Yeah, it's all...
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    Homigawd Kh2 Review Is On!

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    Fanfiction ► Yin and Yang - Secret of the Ancient Twilight (first fanfiction yay ^.^)

    Yay, my first fanfiction! ^.^ It's kind of an anthro thingy. REVIEW HARSHLY. X3 I enjoy being insulted. If you have any problems with the violence... Oh well. It isn't even that graphic, so I don't think you will. Have fun reading. ^.^ THANKS GoH! MY BETA ROXS SOXS. =D...
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    The Unoffical Assault of the Dreadnaught Mission Level 3 Help Thread!

    =D Sorry, but I have to clear this up, dears. This guide was created by nunuu, who has an amazing array of videos and helpful people for you to see at her website, http://gummi.kou-net.org/. Join the forum, if you want, 'cause that's where all the helpful people are, including me. ;D Anyway...
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    How do you unlock the Paradox Tourneys?

    I only have the Pain and Panic Paradox tournament. .__. How do you unlock the other ones? I have a 3000 or so on either the Goddess of Fate Cup or the Cerberus Cup. Thanks in advanced.
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    Need help at the end of Assault of the Dreadnought. (Yes, a Gummi battle! =O)

    At the end of Mission Level Three, there is this INCREDIBLY hard boss Gummi Ship. It's red, and it is not nice. .__. How do I beat it? My ship kills most bosses(including red and gold ones), but this one is crazy kick-ass. I have full health, awesome speed, firepower like hell, everything. It...
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    Two questions and an interesting event...

    I entered the World That Never Was via Twilight Town. Can you enter it by just flying up to it also? O__o Or do you have to go through Twilight Town? And after I saw that battle with Roxas, I proceeded upwards, fought Luxord, and did all of that stuff without Driving. Then I Drove while...
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    Once in a Million Years...(KH Romance/Action RP)

    Plot: It's Christmas Day. Everyone is having an enjoyable time, until a few people come in...in fact, a whole group of them. They start traveling to worlds once again, and find out about a deep conspiracy; The Heartless aren't even the real things they're fighting against. But that may even be a...
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    Fanfiction ► One Shot: Never Mess with Memories...

    This story is about two of my made-ups. It's a one-shot, so it WON'T BE UPDATED. EVER. This story has some adult material in it, including lots of violence and such. You have been warned... Let the one-shot begin! P.S.: It's double-spaced...