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    really quick question

    i asked this already a LONG time ago and i need to make ABSOLUTE sure that it works. i'm importing KH2 (anyone who is against it, shutup i dont care) and i 'm getting this fliptop http://www.baysoftgames.com/ps2flipcov.html the 8-screw version on teh top. this will work work correct...
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Strategy Guide

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 2 Strategy Guide (Spoilers) um... since i and many other cant read japanese, can someone help me out on what the AP things are this tiem around (can remember the names of them) like dodge and roll and ragnorok for example. can someone list what they are, what they do and...
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    If I buy Jap version.....

    what i'm doing is getting a PS2 fliptop. very easy to install and comes with swap magic disks for about $30-40, just google search. also, i'm not even getting it for KH2 i just plan on getting KH2 for it because i have it. i'm really getting it for Beatmania IIDX and Pop n' Music
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    JP game question

    aw come on, getting stupid arguments like this is fun and you know it :p
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    Japanese Version *NOT* a spoiler

    www.playasia.com should be there in a few days after it comes out
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    JP game question

    edit: sorry double post
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    JP game question

    honestly, something to do over winter break. i'm bored as hell. and to answer some of the other questions. as far as reading, no, i wont understand the story, but i'm ok with that. for now anyway. and for saving, i make 2 files, just in case, once i get it right, i usually remember what i did...
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    JP game question

    can people shut up? its a choice myself and others have made...can you, like, iunno... deal with it and get on with life?
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    JP game question

    alright cool. thanks for giving us so much information on nothing related to this topic. dude, seriously though, chill. we import, you dont. leave it at that. also, some of us are actually good at games and can figure stuff out w/o guides...
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    JP game question

    hellz yea we do:cool:
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    JP game question

    http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-43-70-59i.html i should get that one right? i might be ordering it today...or at least within a week...so i'm gonna be paranid about it till then :D
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    JP game question

    yea, i know, i'm getting a fliptop w/ the swap disk rather soon, the whole chip thing was always a little to risky for me. but any way, thanks :D
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    JP game question

    alright, well, like many people i'm getting the JP KH2. but.... at www.playasia.com there are 2 different KH2's this one that isnt out yet http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-43-70-59i.html but says its for JPN/Asia systems only, and then this one...