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    Halo 2 for Vista

    So who here is planning to get Halo 2 for PC, but the thing is that you need the new Operating System ... Vista. Im planning on getting it, i heard its gonna be really awesome.
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    Happy Independace Day India!

    Well, i made this topic just to see how many Indians are in KHInsider. So yah.. if your an indian say here. And happy independace day... you can see how bored i am. :lol:
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    *rumor* Secretly Leaked!

    This is a RUMOR!!! NOT A THEORY!! REMEMBER!! It has been secretly leaked... so check this and tell me what you think, you can believe it or not, i dun't give but dun't flame me that bad! And yes i posted this before. But since there are new peeps here i just wanted them to see this... My friend...
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    The first official trailer.

    Hey ma brothas, i dunno if this was posted before, because i didn't see this topic. But this is the first official KH2 trailer... http://www.mtv.com/overdrive/player.jhtml?vid=76271&launchedFrom=/games/video_games/peep_show/index.jhtml And again, if this was posted before, can a mod please...
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    Funny KH video.

    I searched the KH topics, to see if this has been posted before, but i didn't see it. and if this has been posted before... please close it mods. This is the dub voices for KH2 trailer... http://youtube.com/watch?v=SLG2qi5-PNM&search=kingdom%20hearts%202%20dub%20trailer
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    How Sexy are you?!

    Remember i'm not gay, and this is just for fun... so check this out.. :D I saw this on another forum, and I thought it'd be nice to show you guys. According to studies, the first letter of your first name reveals your sexual identity ... What do you think? -A- -B- -C- -D- -E- -F- -G-...
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    * HELP, please. *

    Hello! I need some help please, aiigh. Yo i'm looking for a fighting vid of Sora and Riku (ansem, in Hallow Bastion) can anyone help me? please! i'd really appreciate it! P.s. i'm not talking abou the KH intro, i'm talking about the fight. :D
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    Are Pokemons real ??? omg!

    OMG! Pokemon's are real! check this out: http://www.youtube.com/w/Norm-MacDonald-Po...h?v=EGwEQldOmZ4 lmao!
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    *Some one help please* Can anyone...

    Can anyone, help me? I need a Heartless logo which has the dimensions of 106x42, please and thank you. :D
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    Weapon Sprites

    Hey guys, can i ask a favour? can anyone give me the weapon sprites for Com? i'd really appreciate it, thanks! :D
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    Music Contest

    Hey i was thinking of starting some sort of music video contest, where we post like anime music videos and the best one gets a prize of some sort, what do u think?:D
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    Whats up ma Homies!

    G_S is in da house! wow man this forum is totally hype i'm a HUGE KH fan! just one question.. how come this forum doesn't have a banner or skin? anyway its totally awsome! good job! :D
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    Help, please i need help.

    Hey! i got a question um, i don't have a gameboy advance, and i won't be getting one. So i haven't played KH Com, can anyone give me a summary of it? I'm missing out in a lot!