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    Shouldn't the English Passion be out now...

    Considering I listened to the English version of S&C a month before KH1?
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    Utada's defection

    If you've been to xbox360.ign.com recently, you would find out that Utada Hikaru has decided to side with MS and Mistwalker. This also leads me to think that we have a lesser chance of hearing an Utada song at the beginning of KH2, and that's not a good thing, in my opinion.
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    I realized something...

    As soon as it hits october, It will have been the 2 year anniversary of waiting impatiently for KH2.
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    Why BHK would be playable

    If you think about it, or at least watch the TGS 03 trailer, you can tell that BHK is playable because Axel made a ring of a fire around the room as if it were a boss fight.