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  1. AegisXIII

    KHUX ► Ux offline version opinions?

    What do you think about the offline version of Ux? I am genuinely unhappy with it. I was hoping for a good theater mode, one that leaves no ambiguity as to how to watch the cutscenes, but they didn't even bother putting them in a chronological order. They are sorted by worlds so there is no...
  2. AegisXIII

    Website that displays KH1 and KH2 maps

    I have been looking for ages for this: a website that displays all maps for kh1 and kh2 (it does many other games as well). Here it is: https://noclip.website Then, just click on the game you want and all the maps will get listed. My recommendation: go to the destiny islands of kh2 (village...
  3. AegisXIII

    Do remind abilities overwrite previous ones?

    I was wondering because I am not sure to remember correctly. Do remind abilities overwrite the previous ones from the base game (like the flash of light finisher or some other extra moves)? Because if that's the case that's a bit weird to have enabled abilities that you cannot use.
  4. AegisXIII

    General ► Your thoughts on talk show hosts

    I was looking for a talk show to watch for pure entertainment and I realized that they weren't many left that I enjoy. I never thought about it that much, but I think that most talk show hosts have become sad, serious and preachy. They used to make me laugh, now I feel they simply cover the...
  5. AegisXIII

    The Fanmade Music Thread

    There are a lot of amazing composers that have made some fan arrangements on the songs of the series and I think it would be nice to post the ones we enjoy the most. Let me start by Infinite Rivals X Music which I think is one of the best in term of epicness: And some that always get me are...
  6. AegisXIII

    General ► The personal accomplishments thread

    This thread is dedicated to life accomplishments that we are proud of. Since last years have been rough, I thought it would be nice to talk about what we managed to accomplish recently. It can be as simple as: "I managed to clean my room" to the insane: "I won the lottery". Anything that...
  7. AegisXIII

    How does Square gather feedback from the fans?

    I have always been wondering about that: how do you think Square Enix gathers feedback from the fans? Do you think that the KH dev team (or marketing) follows the discussion in the community or not at all? Sometimes I feel they miss the mark on some aspects that could have been easily avoided...
  8. AegisXIII

    Favorite KH youtuber?

    I was wondering if you guys had a favorite KH series youtuber. I know a lot about you know about HMK for example, which is the master of game theories, but I recently discovered Novayon who is doing more of world building exploration and I have to say I like it a lot. He simply spend his time...
  9. AegisXIII

    Anime/Manga ► Anime recommendations

    I am looking for anime recommendations. Anyone knows a good anime that deals with topic similar to the search of identity as portrayed in Kingdom Hearts for nobodies? I am interested in characters who should not exist and are looking to find their place in the world. it could be via any...
  10. AegisXIII

    The next game might simply be called Kingdom Hearts X

    I saw this nice theory today: https://noisypixel.net/kingdom-hearts-iv-could-be-titled-kingdom-hearts-x/ Basically it says that there are some foreshadowing in KH3 for the next entries name: We can see the numbers that are different than ours: I II III X, etc... I usually do not buy...
  11. AegisXIII

    General ► We need to talk about Eurovision

    Cite me an event, bigger than the superbowl and that Americans rarely know about? That's right, that's Eurovision. Each year, nations send their most flamboyant contestants in a singing competition. Some argue that's why european countries don't go to war with one another. We simply fight at...
  12. AegisXIII

    What is the general consensus on FFXV now?

    I am about to restart it with all DLC, patches and everything and I was wondering what was the general consensus on this game now? I remember it felt quite rushed at launch and it got better with most of the dlc, despite feeling very messy. Putting crucial plot points in DLC is a bad habit and...
  13. AegisXIII

    Which game has the best Journal?

    I have always loved how complete the journals were in the series. However some titles manage to do it better than the others. My favorite is KH2. It is so complete. It has everything I want and more. If a character is unknown, it is written as unknown. The organigram shows all Organisation...
  14. AegisXIII

    What if the Dark Seeker Saga gets the remake/reinterpretation treatment (like FF7)

    I have been playing kh1 recently on pc and I have been shocked to realize that it has aged a lot more than what I expected. On the graphics side it's fine, more than fine and on the combat side, I still believe it is better than kh3. But on the gameplay mechanics, it's problematic. I tried...
  15. AegisXIII

    Is chain of memories a bad game?

    Every streamer I see simply watches the cutscenes on youtube. I suspect only 10 percent of the people who own the compilations have played it. It is different sure, but is it really that bad? I find the combat really fun once you spend 10 minutes to learn it. Then you can complete the game in...
  16. AegisXIII

    Are we gonna get a next gen version of KH3?

    I was wondering now that the PC version is out, the PS4 version is not optimized at all for this new hardware. Do you think we are gonna get an upgrade for it? Or is it gonna be like FF7Remake that rebranded its next-gen version under another name?
  17. AegisXIII

    Best way to get into the series

    I have been planning to get into TWEWY for so long now, but I have no idea what's the best way to do it. I own a switch but I have heard that the switch port in unplayable in docked mode. Maybe smartphone? Or wait the anime? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  18. AegisXIII

    KH PC Review Thread

    Hello there, fellow KH friends. Yesterday, I have been weak and thus I bought Kh1.5+2.5 once again (on PC this time). I wanted to get this one as it contains the oldest games. And as a technical enthusiast, I was curious to see how it would hold up to today's standards. The goal of this topic...
  19. AegisXIII

    About the boss music

    I remember that when KH3 got released, I couldn't help myself but think that the final section felt a bit rushed, as if all the budget went in the Disney worlds (which might be indeed, haha). But then I realized that this feeling I had was mostly because of the soundtrack that was reused a lot...
  20. AegisXIII

    Film ► Justice League Snyder Cut

    Just out of curiousity, are you guys interested by it? I used to have difficulties watching snyder movies, because they were too different from the MCU. But now, I am starting to enjoy them because they are different from the MCU (tastes come and go). I appreciate the subtext he puts in the...