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    did you remember?

    ok this thread is about what SE toke out of Kh2 that should have stayed.1)the part when roxas was running towards the dusk nobody and it just dissapeared into the wall. 2)when sora was about to attack the unknown while the unknown was undressing himself. 3)the matrix cutscene/fight with sora and...
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    okay sora is a keyblade master right?roxas was created when sora stabbed himself with the keyblade in hollow bastion in kh1.sora did this to free kairi's heart.thus freeing kairi's heart another nobody was formed,namine.since roxas was half of sora he could also wield a keyblade.(even two)this...
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    what kidzworld.com thinks of kh2

    Playstation 2 Action/RPG Video Game Review The original Kingdom Hearts video game dropped in 2002 and was an action/RPG video game with an incredible mix of the coolest characters from all the Final Fantasy video games and Walt Disney movies. Now the sequel, Kingdom Hearts II, is here with...
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    POC with kh3?

    http://movies.aol.com/movie/main.adp?_pgtyp=pdct&mid=21360 this is the link.would you want them to make another kh3 with this world again?
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    there are no more

    no more mods every body go crazy this is your chance to posts and gain your rep ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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    oh man

    i wanted to test out proud since stansard was easy.but i wanted to save and go back to my old file.when i did i acciedently saved over it.should i stay on proud or leave for normal again?ps.i was on tron too:(
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    *dont read unless you passed roxas*

    in ansem report 2*secret*he talks that he had 6 assistances.all who went against him and wanted to know more about darkness than him.claiming that it was his fault that the experiment happened ofcourse but one of the assistances wrote a report...what do you think about this?
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    how many?

    when i bought my kh2 4 were in stock.my friend ran and almost got hit by 2 busses getting the last copy.my other friend just went with 2 stock left.i went to game stop today to get a new ps2 and i saw about 6 in stock.how many in stock when you went?
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    i need help

    my ps2 broke and i was about to sell my psp to get another ps2.im selling my psp for 188.oo do you think i should im sorry im for the incorrect grammer but im in a rush thank you.
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    my ps2 broke he week before kh2.im thinking about selling my psp for the money for ps2 and the game cause my father wont give me money what should i do a person wants to buy it for 188.00
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    my ps2 broke the week before kh2!!!now should i sell my psp and buy another ps2 and the game?
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    Death Threat

    ealier in a game show creator kojima of the Metal Gear Solid series annouced that he is ending the series.After confirming that he recieved death threats from fans of the game.Concern with his safety,the people who worked on it started another one soon as possible.Now i dont know much about MGS...
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    Final Fantastic Fantasy Group

    hey,if you want to join the final fantastics PM im the leader cloud and look into my sig for more info.other than that this is a meeting for the already existing members to discuss plans and other fun stuff that we can do.i promise it wont just be about getting spamming and spoiling out more...
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    kh2 number 29?kh1 number 19?

    1. Final Fantasy X (2001) 2. Final Fantasy VII (1997) 3. Dragon Quest III (1988) 4. Dragon Quest VIII (2004) 5. Machi (1998) 6. Final Fantasy IV (1991) 7. Tactics Ogre (1995) 8. Final Fantasy III (1990) 9. Dragon Quest VII (2000) 10. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (1998) 11. Dragon Quest V...
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    europeans gamers

    I've just got word that the belgium version of OPM2 (Official Playstation 2 Magazine) states that Kingdom Hearts 2 will be reaching european shores this October. i found this information from ultimate:do you feel happy or dissapointed?
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    Final Fantastic Fantasy Group

    Now that i got atleast two members in my group(look into sig)i want to join more people.This group is against spammers and spoilers.If you feel the same way join our group.It might even make a noob stop spoiling games for us if he sees our sigs.Pick any character except for the ones on my sig...
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    another interview dont worry spoilers taken out

    SECTION 1 - USING THE "MYSTERY LIST" AS A BASE TO UNRAVEL THE MYSTERIES LEFT OVER FROM THE PREVIOUS GAME Mr Nojima, can we ask you what your motivation to take part in the KHII project was? Around when work on FFX-2 was finished, Tetsu-san (Director - Tetsuya Nomura) casually invited me to...
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    does any one know?

    does anyone know where i can download old kh1 cutscenes?
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    would you?

    im going to start kh2 with my friends ( 3 people ) we plan to start at the same time.would you do this with your friends?im going to be with the guide cause i want it and everyone eles is too cheap.but u think its a good idea or would it cause spoilers?
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    i wanna make a video.a parody of kingdom hearts does anyone know how to do this and put it on you tube?somebody did before but i forgot his name title on this website.