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  1. Veggga

    The English Boss left a Easter Egg.

    After watching the 10 second clip of the New English Boss for the International Version, I came across something. Right when he summons his weapon, a symbol is revealed inside the blades of light. I managed to use photoshop a screenshot to get SOME type of result, which looks like the picture...
  2. Veggga

    UMD Update?

    This idea popped into my head after looking at my UMDs. All of them have PSP Updates, do any of you think that BBS will bring a update along with it? Or it'll prolly be 6.31, right?
  3. Veggga


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkwEsMwhKgM This blew my mind. It'll blow your mind too. O_______________________________O /Offtopic- To ISO owners: How much memory does a save take up? [I wanna make as much space as possible for my copy of BBS].
  4. Veggga

    BBS Preperation!!

    As it's only 2 weeks till Birth By Sleep, did you plan or already planned to prepare your PSP for it's awesomeness? For me, I bought a Component AV Cable so I can play it on my TV, and already placed my PSP back into it's hard case so I won't drop it [GOD FORBID!!] during playtime. O:
  5. Veggga

    ATTN: BBS Owners - The Command System.

    Prolly a Spoiler? Sorry guys... This has been running through my mind ever since I've been watching the trailers, and seeing battles in action. So I'll ask it here; How does the Command System work? I understand in X/O is to Attack/Obvious, but how do you use the abilities you equip to it...? O:
  6. Veggga


    Hello.~ I'm new to the KHInsider FOURMS/obvi. I've been checking this place out ever since Kingdom hearts 2, and was kinds hesitant to join the Forum. But now, I did! Yayy..! I hope to meet great people here, especially KH awesome sauce too. C: P.S - Vega is my nickname which is also my last. xD;