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    KINGDOM HEARTS FOR PSP!!!! (Heard on G4)

    Yeah I just want to yell that out to the world but it is not yet offical! If this is true then I am very happy that I may be able to get a Kingdom Hearts game that is protable... (not including KH:CoM!)
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    KH3 Storyline??? (no idea if this is a spoiler?)

    this is the kh3 storyline i found this info out. Years before Sora's adventure, there was a great war. In a place between worlds, there were those known as "Chasers", those who had manifested great power and chanelled it through weapons they experly crafted known as the Keyblades. There were...
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    this is a weird big robot fighting movie and I think it's a seris! "In a wonderland, they lay, dreaming, as the days go by, dreaming, as the summers die, ever drifting down the stream lingering, in the golden glem, Life. what is it? but a dream!" this is a quote form alice in wonderland, whith...
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    own Keyblades?

    Dose anyone on this site own a keyblade? if so which one (Heart unlocker, Kingdom key, Oblivion?)
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    Feild of Keys

    Well only gonna have this one for now and if it dosen't fly then another will be made............ Well as the title says it's a feild of Keys and u can choose one (or two) this is how it gose: Sign up frist and u will get the info later Name: Sex: Keyblade: Appaerance: Age: Past: (u can put...
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    .Hack//GU and .Hack//Fragment (rerouted!)

    there is a new .Hack game coming out this december or atlest I hear it's in December! they made an awsome vid and it u want to see it PM me and I will send u the link. ,well here u are Haseo The Terror of Death. I know what ur problly thinking, what the hell he is crazy! but from what I see...
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    .Hack//GU and .Hack//Fragment

    sorry this was a missplacement! this is suppose to be in Video Games! plase close or put it in trash bin!
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    .Hack//GU "The World"

    okey! here is how it gose. u will put ur stats up and I will choose who is a player killer and who is normal. example of Stats: Name: Tri Gender: Male Class: heavy blader/twin blader (only player killers can have more then one class and will be asked to give in a class, there will also be one...
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    Where is the RPG?

    well ya where did it go and why was it taken off!
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    pic not seen (sigs and avatars)

    Y can I not see pics that are in sigs and avatars? I can only get the URL for the pics! can someone plaese fix my account?
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    Kingdom Hearts : New York gangs

    well I got bored again, so I'm making another RP but this time it all happens in a New York setting! There is a gang war in New York between the Black Hawks and the Blue Daggers. the leader of the Black Hawks and the Blue Daggers is fighting over the territory that most of the gang members...
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    this is a show about people on a ship doing Odd jobs and getting themselfs in and out of trouble. this week's episode is a funny one the captine gets Married! the reason this is called Firefly is because there ship is of the Firefly class!
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    Shonen Jump

    I wanted to know if anyone here is Subscribed to Shonen jump on this Forum? If u are do u get the Manga on the month that is writen on the spine or the month before? post you answer here. (answering no is spamming) and I will report it, I also didn't know where to put this so if there was a...
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    Lilo & Stitch, in KH2, why not?

    Why isn't Lilo & Stitch in KH2? is it because it takes place on earth or is it cause there is a space ship in it? why did they not add it!
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    Kingdom Hearts 2: way of the twilight

    heres the story line begining: __________(frist person who joins name) had a dream that he what attacked by white creatures that he has seen roming around the city. he had gotten a weapon of great power and it could be used for good or evil in the wim of the user. he then wakes in a cold sweat...
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    RP on AIM

    AIM me to join the RP!
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    how far in one try!

    every body here knows there is a Hadies tournament in Kingdom Hearts, and I want to see how far u got through it in one try how long it took and what level u where when u started it and what Keyblade u used! I will go first cause I did it today! Level 56 started Oblivion Key blade about 40...
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    selftraded, Blades

    has anyone trained in Kendo or self traded in the art of blade weilding? I have and it's been many years since I started. spar anyone? -smirks-
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    Why is there a store here with nothing in it, could u ether remove it or pust something in it?
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    KH2 info king

    I have lots of info on KH so ask me somethin and I may be able to tell u a lil about the game! PM me if u want!