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    Goofy Goof = Wise zomg!

    Has anyone else noticed at some cutscenes in the game that goofy will say something that catches you off guard and hes RIGHT!? Whether it be about a cloudy understanding to the events happening in so-and-so world, or him just correcting Sora and Donald about something they misunderstand. Goofy...
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    42-50 Hades Paradox cup

    I myself even at level 99 had huge trouble with the final 10 in this cup and I have finally devised a "cheap" and patient way to do it. I just want to put my 2 cents in to help anyone who is having trouble with the final 10. Well killing the final 10 in Hades Paradox Cup is almost impossible...
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    Anti-Form question

    While I was as Beast's Castle <first time> I acheived anti-form while fighting the dungeon gate keepers, can I ask what are the circumstances of getting anti-form. Did this happen to anyone else?
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    English KH2 gameplay trailer [minor spoiler]

    This is just a battle (with just heartless)not a big spoiler. I would like to share it with you guys because (it's in english) and second of all I want you to laugh as hard I am right now because this guy SUCKS at playing KH2 LOLOLOLOL see for yourself and you will see XD...
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    I'm Impressed!

    I'm very impressed with the wallpaper skins for the forums all of them are extremely tight! I especially love the "Tren-2" skin. Great Great work
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    Can anyone help this problem?

    I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section but it is anime related. I downloaded 12 episodes of Naruto, and when i went to play them they all give me the "Error downloading codec" on Windows Media Player, i can hear them all fine but i don't see the picture, does anyone know what this is and...
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    heck i have been coming to this site for so long i thought i might as well sign up to it. im more of a reader not a poster so you probably wont see more of me in the future.