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  1. J

    the nobodies

    i think i discovered where it comes from if you play KH1 and go into traverese town go onto the shop roof ( the one where cid was to begin with , sorry im in a forgetful mood atm ) fly to gepettoes roof and fly back to the shop roof inside the triangle thing there is a yellow shape that looks a...
  2. J

    kinda' theory

    i was watching the jump fest 05 trailer and at the part with the girl and selphie standing there , i think they are at twilight town looking at destiny islands. the reason she is there is when sora and riku went through the door and into the other worlds the others on the islands tidus wakka and...
  3. J

    ...in KH2?

    does anyone know anything about if castle oblivion will be in kh2 it wouldnt make much sense sinse sora killed the owner of it ( marluxia ) you's heard anything?
  4. J

    Some new info ?

    http://www.ffextreme.com/news/kh2_scan_10_8_05_02.jpg on that site look at the bottom where merlin is talking about that strange door above the door is the dusk symbol i think it doesnt show all of it but im pretty sure thats it
  5. J


    :mad: :mad: im sure im not the only one who is sick of waiting i wish S-E and disney would at the least release some new information LIKE BHK'S NAME:mad: argh whats are your thoguhts
  6. J

    Peacemaker Theme

    Does any have the link for the peacemaker theme song i've been searching for some time and have been unable to find it does anyone know where i can find it?
  7. J

    need song!!!

    sorry if this has been posted but does anyone have a link to download the japanese simple and clean mp3 i really really want it thnaks
  8. J

    your copy

    this is stupid but...... how many of you here will be preordering your copy of kingdom hearts 2 i know i will/alredy have
  9. J

    sounds of missions

    we all know that there are missions in KH2 sorta' like in FFX2( i hope ) i was wonderin' what you guys think of them i reckon they wil be a great addition to the game how about everyone else
  10. J

    lvl beat...

    what lvl where you when you defeated seph i acctually beat him around lvl 50 on one of my files but damn he was hard there
  11. J

    kh2/CoM info

    ok to start off i dont know where this thread belongs so i put it here when i finished sora story mode and CoM it had a picture of a kh2 movie im sure we have all seen i cant find a pic so ill do my best to describe it its sora and only sora no one else part blue part white background and his...
  12. J

    keyblades theory

    i think that you may have to go through the game with only kingdom key. its just you think square&disney would have realesed some information about the keyblades , unless they have something special to do with the story line like sora's clothes apparently do
  13. J

    Kh2 Ending

    how do you think kh2 will end? i rekon' it will end with sora and kairi kissing and then sora will lose his heart
  14. J

    Dark Riku IV

    i know this is probably the most commonly asked boss question but if you have played against him HE IS HARD!!! anyway i really need help , im lv 52 max health and around 500 CP does anyone know a good stratigy ( or however its spelt ) how to beat this guy and what cards i should use?
  15. J

    Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy victory dance gone wrong

    Tidus throws his sword in the air and then falls down but cuts threw his entire body leaving him dead
  16. J

    Feelings For Kingdom Hearts 2

    :( I think i may have feelings for kingdom hearts 2 everytime i think about getting the game my eyes start to water and i feel happy all of a sudden anyone else fell like this?