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    (Spoiler) So we all know KH3D plot?

    Well I think the Secret ending say's it all, KH3D= Riku and Sora's mark of mastery test. thats probably why both Riku and Sora will be playable. (If that's what Nomura said...) I think the test will be full of a$$ kicking thus having lots of fighting in the game, is the NDS really the best...
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    Help/Support ► Annoying PC monitor issue

    Hey guys, I have this issue with my PC or my monitor. The issue is that almost every time I choose a right-mouse menu option that option stay's on screen were I clicked it in a kinda watermark way. Now the temporary solution for this is to change the refresh rate of my monitor, but I want a...
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    Help/Support ► Anyone care to comfort a broken heart?

    Well, title pretty much says it all... I just got dumped from girl a love so much, and after long 9 months... Some advice on what should i do now would be very appreciated... :frown:
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    My BbS review...

    Ok, so ive been wanting to post a review a while ago when i beat BbS in Japanese but i wanted to keep it t'ill a few days before NA launch to get people pumped up for it, and since i got the NA yesterday i really wanted to do this. As a KH fan from the age of 7, I mainly liked KH for the combat...
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    IGN: No plans ofr BbS on PSN

    Again i found an IGN article concerning BBS and this time bad news... All you Go owners wont be able to play BBS... No plans for Kingdom Hearts on PSN
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    Testuya nomura talks progress with versus 13

    Im no FF fan (except crisis core) but again i was browsing IGN and found this :D Tetsuya Nomura Provides Final Fantasy Versus XIII Status Update
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    IGN article about BbS

    I did my 3rd daily check of IGN about new gaming stuff and stumbled across this article, so i thought it might be interesting Kingdom Hearts: Waking From Reality
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    BbS Special edition to USA?

    well i dont know if anyone has posted this yet but i checked my Email and i got ine from my SQUARE subscription telling me toorder BbS and it also mentioned the Special Edition
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    All who played and fully completed Bbs (SPOILERS)

    So i finished the game, except for the final chapter and the problem is i have all Xehanort reports and im still not getting an empty valley with a lingering sentiment thingy in it! I think the problem might be that im not 100% on proud, i chose the bottom option and im not sure its proud, so if...
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    What did you hate most 'bout KH?

    Kingdom Hearts franchise has, in my opinion a few annoying and downers genearly wise, and i wanted to know whats your biggest downer or whatever? and why...
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    KH3 Gameplay

    Since KH3 is gonna be on the PS3, i was thinking how epic the gameplay could be if sony gave Square the technology santa monica used on GoW3! I mean, the worlds would be huge, we will be fighting armys of heartless+nobodys+(maybe) unverseds, with graphics that will make donalds feathers be seen...
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    Kingdom Hearts to hit Disney Land in 2013!

    Kingdom Hearts and Steampunk coming to Magic Kingdom? Wont that be just Awesome?! having your own keyblade...
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    NEW BbS release date!

    Well according to IGN.com, the release date is set to 30th of September 2010! you can find the date here:Top Upcoming PSP Games|IGN.com (on the top right corner of KH: BbS)
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    When you think about it, there is no Default keyblade! Sora got his with the Mickey Mouse shaped keychain! Is there a Default keyblade?
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    BbS North American box art

    well, this might not be big news but i think it'd be nice notifying you guys here. Ok so i dont an catual photo or scan BUT if you go here: The Official KINGDOM HEARTS Portal Site | SQUARE ENIX And go to the BbS tab you'll notice the box art, with a Playstation exclusive sign and "Birth By...
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    Sora drawing

    Hey you, I drew this sora a while ago and i wanted to know what you think of it!
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    Is it in the past or FUTURE?

    I just finished KH2 for the 5ht time but this time payed close attention to everything in the secret ending and noticed that all the keyblades (except for ven's) are sora's! Everybody thinks that the keyblade wars happend in the past and that BBS happend in the past but i think that BBS is where...