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    E3 05!!!

    This is getting interesting, thnxs for all the info Zex, keep it comming :D Hmm, those PS3 controllers do like sort of complicated to use it, whats with the rolling red ball? well at least you told us there proto-types.
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    is this going to be like FF XI?

    im sure you've all must've heard of or played any of the .hack series for the PS2. From what i've heard over the net and other websites is that they are comming out with .hack//ONLINE which is also known as Project GU, and its comming out in 9 days and it might be shown at the E3. When i use...
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    Hey there, New person on thread, lets CHEER!

    Hello there, hows everyone doing? Thought i'd come in here and tell you about myself Im in a band known as "Requiem of Silence" and were brand new, hoping and expecting to make an EP soon. I Like to play any kind of Video games on the PS2, like Kingdom Hearts, and Galerians ASH. I use to...