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    comparision between neverland and POTC

    in the kh, neverland is located around water b/c the ship is where most the playing is held. im assuming that pirates of teh carribean is something like neverland b/c the location (ship/ocean) and in neverland, peter pan is trying to find wendy. in P.O.T.C. jack is trying to find that grl! *cant...
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    wtuz E3 and wut does it have to do w/ ...

    kh2? i ve heard ppl say E3 and i woud have no idea wut they r sayin. wunna lighten the subject 4 me and those other ppl who dont kno wutz happenin here?
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    is this the bhk?

    http://sd.cubicnetwork.net/images/thumbnails/tnBlonde%20Art.jpg someone tell me not so i dont go on tellin ppl that it is! i think it is though... correct me if im wrong.
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    how will kh2 begin?

    how do u think kh2 begins? post anything u want but it has to pertain to the beginning and wut happens... details wood b gr8! thankz!
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    help w/ a certain boss...

    hades.... how do u defeate him? can someone fill me in on how to do the cards? im still confused on how to use them and how to attack and things like that...