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    Windows Movie Maker 2

    Yeah i installed this thing but when i click on the little white box thing nothing happens and it just brings me back to the installation process. What is wrong?:cursing:
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    Saiyuki Reload

    Anybody read/watch this Anime/manga? I think its awsome. Tell me what you think!
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    How do you get Curaga? I only have Cura so far.
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    Why cant i use shortcuts for my elixer?

    Whenever i go to the shortcuts elixer never lights up so i can never use it. Is there something i have to do?
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    Anti or Final?

    People have been saying that these forms are really cool and everything. Well which one of these forms do you think can peform COOLER moves? (Notice i said cooler not more powerful).
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    If -No Spoilers In Titles- wasnt the superior.....

    Who do you think would be good as the superior if Xenmas wasnt?
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    Why is Valor Form Red?

    Why is Valor Form the color red? I understand why wisdom is blue because donald wears blue. Goofy doesnt wear red so why should valor be red?:confused:
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    How does Tron attack?

    How does Tron attack? I never see him with any weapons so does he just punch and kick?:confused:
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    Favorite boss?

    Whats your favorite boss fight?
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    What finisher is that? (SPOILER)

    I was watching a boss battle vid of Sephiroth and the player as a finisher used these wwhite orb things. What is it?
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    Which drive form has the coolest combo

    Which drive do you think has the coolest air and ground combo? I'm new here so sorry if this is the wrong place to put this
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    Which drive form has the coolest combo

    Valor Wisdom Master Final Anti