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    None Org bosses

    did anyone else think that the bosses in the worlds revisted were alittle easy and unnecessary? and did you hear what jafar was saying while you fight him? it was like sabalabalabala
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    Should i take a break?

    ok so i just played halloween town and i still need to go to agrabah, pride lands, and continue the funny musicals at atlantica, i've been playing for about 15 hours on normal, should i take a break? i'm also wondering about how much of a percent am i done - for the people who've beaten it
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    Sora with a sword...

    just something cool that i did in the game. i have a codebreaker, and one of the codes was to unlock every keyblade in the game, so when i used this cheat, it gave me the dream sword, dream sheild, and dream staff, and also the wooden sword, although after you select one of these four weapons...
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    Organization Days

    thank you oathkeeper01... so is anyone else keeping count if the days left by the organization? i am and it's great cuz i cant remeber all the names and ranks, i'm also making a new desktop pic for each day with that member... so by my count it's roxas day, but to maro it's larxene day...
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    Gamestop has cool Junk

    first of all does anyone know where that gamestop commercial came from, like what state? and second my gamestop has 3 previews for KH2, it has the intro, a clip of roxas skateboarding, and another clip of sora on some log a$$ stairs, so does the gamestop around anyone else have cool stuff too?
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    Read This Quick!!!

    for anyone who hasnt seen the movie tron, and lives in the US, and gets the sci-fi channel, the movie TRON is airing in twenty min... im taping it cuz thats the only KH movie i've never seen!!
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    sorry if everyone knows this, but i found a good site with video game commercials... COMMERCIALS i added it to my favs because when the NA KH2 commercial comes out, i can watch it wenever. i've also never seen the JP chain of memories one ;)
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    KH2 Advertisment

    so i was in the mall today when i walked by the gamestop abd they had a gigantic Kingdom hearts 2 billboard. this thread isnt really important but i thought some people would like to hear that everyone's gonna know about it and the hype is growing :cool:
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    KH experience

    SO... what part of Kingdom hearts 2 are you most looking forward to experiencing? i think that i'm looking forward to the storyline just a little bit more than the gameplay, but there both really close. And the both of them mixed, makes for the *perfect* game. is anyone waiting for one or the...
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    Spoiler Box

    i forgot how to make a spoiler box, and i cant find a thread on how o do it... Thanks!!!
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    When to buy the game...

    so i've been in gamestop a couple times since the release date was comfirmed, and they have it that the game is coming out the 31st. does the gamestop around anyone else say this too. And does this mean they wont sell it it until March 31st? cuz i've already preordered it there so i cant just go...
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    How much will you play?

    So when you go rush out, skip school and buy the game, how much is everyone going to play? i'm gonna try to make it last a while so i'll probably play 1-2 hours a day
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    Questioned Release Date

    Now i know your all thinking" i hate this kid, didnt he read the fourms about posting release dates!!!???' i know but i just wanted to share with you that target, wal-mart, Best buy and other retailers have been saying march 30 on their web sites and reserves in their stores. Now i know the rule...
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    (SPOILER) BHK name,game theory

    OK since the BHK name might be confirmed, http://www.toshiba-emi.co.jp/vmc/artist/others/toct25871-2.htm Thanks to Madness, but other than the arguement of the name, i have another theory, SInce movie soundtracks go in order of the movie (usually) if you take a look at the order or the songs...
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    What part could Sephiroth play??

    since it's been confirmed that our old buddy sephiroth is back, what role in the game vould he play... i htink he might be something to do with the whole under world and auron, cloud and hades. maybe he has some alliance with hades... or maybe he just wants to get his A$$ whooped by us (sora)...