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    Kingdom Hearts One ... or Two?

    I haven't been on in a while, and i'm sure there are tons threads like this, but i wanted to make this to get some direct feedback and to get a chance to express my own view on the subject, as well. So ... i want to know: Do you prefer Kingdom Hearts or Kingdom Hearts TWO? I also want to hear...
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    Hint in Advent Children Revealed

    Yes, it's true. I THINK i've figured it out. Nomura stated in one of his interviews that the hint to his and the rest of SE's next product would be hidden in Advent Children. However, he did say it would be unrelated to Kingdom Hearts, although, maybe it was just an indication, dunno. Anyway...
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    Xehanort is the Shadow

    I finally figured it out! Thanks to Nitehawk! See, since Xemnas and Xehanort's Heartless both died in Kingdom Hearts (the Realm, not the name of the series) then they were absorbed by it. Thus, the Heart and the Body&Soul were reunited, giving birth to the Complete Xehanort. The...
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    Xehanort/Keyblade Theory

    Now, there were several reason I believe this, most are pretty Ok I guess, but I am convinced that Xehanort was a Keyblade master ... Here's why: He has no memories of his past, and it was indicated his past will play a role in KH3, in which there will be a Keyblade War. In Ansem's Reports...
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    Xemnas/Sephiroth Battle Scenario

    OK. Here's how I'm HOPING this'll work: After I begin this, the next poster will begin a battle sequence and describe, in 1-3 sentences, a small segment of the battle (for example: Xemnas pulls out two energy swords while Sephiroth brandishes his masumae [Sp?]). Now, after 49 posts, not counting...
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    KH2 ending not sad enough...

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    KH2 ending not sad enough...

    Title says it all. No. I haven't seen it, but my friend has, and he says the ending did not seem sad to him. That's all I need. I was watching the ending to Final Fantasy X earlier (if you haven't played this game yet, do so) and I remembered KH1. KH1's ending paled in comparison... Geez... I...
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    Help with the CoM Movie...

    OK. I spent about 10 hours downloading this... and all I get are some really cool songs... What's the deal?! Did this happen to anyone else (sound but no picture)? Sorry if this is out of place....
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    Does anyone know how to contact SE??

    I see people all the time bragging about how SE returned their E-mail with an actual response and I was wondering, How do you E-mail them? What is the address? Oh, and, yes, I already tried the official website.
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    You must see this

    By far, the best fan-made video on Youtube. I love this song too. If anyone knows what it's called, I wanna know... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3C2Zd1AiD0&search=Kairi
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    Proud Mode.... WOW

    lol. I saw a while back the Final Battles in KHII and was very pleased at the obvious improved difficulty. However, it just occurres to me today that what I had seen was actually set on Easy. I looked and found an Expert vid of Xemnas. All I can say is.... "WOW!!" lol He is relentless. Almost...
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    Can someone PLEASE translate this for me?

    Xaldin, I will give you five dollas if you do!! lol. Anyone who can help. This is a really awesome scene, but I want to know what they are saying. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmmx5RPQfGg&search=xemnas Thanks in advance!
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    New Villain/KHIII

    You know, for some reason, I like thinking about this. OK, well we know that the Xehanort/Xemnas thing has been used to it's fullest extents. KHI and II both utalise, in a sense, the same villain though. I think since KHIII has to do with Xehanort's memories, that we will need a new villain...
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    OK. This is just about Xemnas in general, I guess. First off, what did you guys think about him? I thought he was even cooler than Xehanort, who was my fav villain until recently. Was he hard? or just long? How does he compare to Xehanort in I and Sephiroth in either? He doesn't seem quite...
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    Sanctuary . . .

    This might be spam (dunno) since there's already a Passion discussion thread, but . . . What did you think of what we heard of Sanctuary? Granted, we will hear the whole thing in a few days, but still . . . I thought it was cool after the second or so time I listened, but, at first, I wasn't...
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    Voice Acting in KHII Sucks!!

    Sorry if that's harsh, but I watched the interviews with the V/A and, well, . . . I'm not impressed. Billy Zane has been replaced, Haley seems to have stopped trying, and Jesse almost makes a DECENT Roxas, however, his voice was totally off with the lip-syncing . . . Aerith should have NEVER...
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    Can someone help . . . ?

    K. I've tried an hundred ways to download those interviews with the KHII V/A's and, it just doesn't work or the page is down or I can't figure it out . . . So, could someone PLEASE upload them to Youtube??
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    How to pronounce the Org. XIII names?

    Well . . . come on? can u all rly say u can effortlessly pronounce **** like Xehanort? i know this much but can someone tell me how the others are said? S a i x - - S i k e s Xemans-- ZIM- nes What r the others?? stuff like Roxas(-- ROCK-sis) i get.....
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    What's Final Distnce?

    For those of you with limewire . . . type in Final Distance and click on Kingdom Hearts II-- Final Distance by Utada Hikaru . . . What is this? It's really good . . . I mean like better than Passion . . . but it's not on the released OST . . . what is this song?
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    Maleficent or the Evil Queen?

    Maleficent or the Evil Queen? Which do you believe would make the better villain for KH? EDIT: Queen . . . = Snow White . . . srry for not mentioning it . . .