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    Can someone convert this song (The 13th Reflection) to an mp3 format?

    The 13th Reflection (Click Here) Cavern of Remembrance (Click Here) Fate of the Unknown (Click Here) Don't know if I'm allowed to post links like this, but I'll risk it. Does anyone here know how to convert an m4a file to an mp3 format? I have the song The 13th Reflection right here, along with...
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    Christopher Lee's Voice + Other Clips

    http://www.gamespot.com/ps2/rpg/kingdomhearts2/media.html Hope this isn't old. The one with Christopher Lee's voice is Gameplay Movie #4. http://media.ps2.ign.com/media/550/550308/vids_1.html Some more clips at IGN. I believe that's Crispin Freeman's voice I hear as Setzer Gabbiani. There's...
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    March 28, 2006-Square Enix Says it All

    Finally, Square Enix NA comes out and offically confirms it, instead of retailers/gaming sites that's been kinda saying the same thing for the past few days. http://www.square-enix.com/na/company/press/2006/0208/
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    Kingdom Hearts II OST Cover Pic?

    Here's the website where I found it. http://www.toshiba-emi.co.jp/vmc/artist/others/toct25871-2.htm Is that how the OST cover is going to look like for Kingdom Hearts II?:confused: That was the website where we got our first glimpse at the names of the tracks that were going to be in the game...
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    Small bits of News

    At KHU(should be on the front page)... Small bits of news, but better than nothing. Enjoy.
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    New Info about Trailer

    Hikari begins to play. Very brief sequence showing KH, followed by ones for FM and CoM. Music fades and a new(?) song begins to play. --- DiZ is talking to the Enigmatic Man (?) in a room somewhere. DiZ: "When Naminé takes over the data (memory is fuzzy) by force..." EM: "That Naminé... is a...
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    New Organization member!!!

    http://www.kingdomhearts2.net/news2/headlines/123721565.shtml Enjoy.:D
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    Deep Dive World!!!

    Don't know if anybody found this yet but there it is. An actual pic/scene of the Deep Dive world. Still don't really know if it's an actual world that Sora/BHK could actually go to, but one can dream or pray, can't they? :p According to .:KL:. That's what the pic says. Source:KHU...
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    Final Fantasy XII E3 05 Trailer Impressions

    http://www.gamespot.com/ps2/rpg/finalfantasy12/preview_6124804.html When was the last time the game was in playable form? Last year's E3? It's a shame that XII is getting delayed again. :( At least we know now that the US won't be getting it till 2006.
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    Gamespot E3 Impressions

    Gamespot E3 05 Trailer Impressions Trailer Impressions from Gamespot. :) http://www.gamespot.com/ps2/rpg/kingdomhearts2/preview_6124871.html Enjoy. :D
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    Question about Greatest Hits PS2 Games

    Are there any differences between a game that's now become a Greatest Hits game and the original? I'm asking because I've heard that the Greatest Hits version of a PS2 game is easier than the original. I don't know if this is true or not so that's why I'm creating this thread to find an answer...
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    More Ansem Reports?

    I don't know if anybody ever asked/made a poll about this, but oh well... Do you think that there are still more Ansem Reports still lingering out there in each of the worlds in Kingdom Hearts 2? I never specifically heard, unless I'm forgetting something since it's been awhile since I've...
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    RPG Inferno is Down?

    When I went to the RPG Inferno, it says ". Sorry, this section has been turned offline." What happened to it now? Is it because of that glitch that occured yesterday? :confused:
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    Secret Ending Movie

    Do you think that Kingdom Hearts II will have a secret ending movie, like with KH/FM?
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    Can Someone Help Me?

    I got my activation email yesterday and I clicked on the link to activate my account and the link lead me to a screen that said that my account is activated, but I'm still labeled as a "Guest" and I can't edit my sig, profile, etc. Is my account messed up or something? :(