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    Fanfiction ► An Argument For Darkness

    A Riku introspective, inspired by Keyblade Shards' excellent fanfic starring Roxas (and I can't remember the name right now for the life of me). --An Argument for Darkness-- --by Darkened Heart-- Disclaimer: Kingdom Hearts and all related characters are copyright to Square Enix, Disney, and...
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    Kingdom Hearts - Yamiyo

    This is SO spoilerness. If you haven't beaten KH2 and don't want to be spoiled, LEAVE NOW. Now you can't blame me. SPOILERS BEGIN NOW. During Riku's conversation with Sora at the very end of KH2, they agree that because the realm of light is now safe, and since there seems to be no escape...
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    Poster Duty (TT)

    In Jiminy's Journal, the guide is thirty seconds for Poster Duty in Twilight Town. But my best is a minute and a half. . . What can I do to actually reach that goal? What routes are the best?
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    This is my way of writing my story before I actually write it. Heh heh heh. This is set in medieval times, which makes it a fantasy RP, with magic, and cool powers, and elves, and fairies, and demons, and dragons, the whole shebang. Yay! A group of rebels has formed, and is attacking the...
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    Fanfiction ► Unspeakable [Sequel to Blinded]

    Well, here it is, after hearing the suggestion that I write a sequel to Blinded. This one is kind of two stories in one, since I'm having a bit of writer's block and I really don't think that I would be able to make two nice, lengthy stories about both Kairi and Namine. Anyway, enjoy. --...
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    For those of you who own domain names. . .

    Which webhosting company are you using? Why? Can you recommend anything else? I'm looking for a good deal on webhosting so that I can finally launch my websites without worrying about the problems that come with using free servers.
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    Because Nothing Else Matters

    Everything is safe in the daylight, but when night falls, the demons arrive. They take children and try to change them into the same monsters that they have become, and it's up to anyone who has the power to save them. Who exactly has this power? A select group of mortals, who call upon the...
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    Kingdom Hearts - Chaos Reign

    Yes, it's another KH RPG. But this is a KH site. So who cares? Anyway. The storyline: The Heartless are gaining strength from an unknown source, and there seems to be no way to stop it. In desperation, the Organisation created the Dusks to attempt to control the Heartless. Meanwhile, the...
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    Image Size Regulations?

    There are a few users who have signature images that are about 700 pixels tall and 500 pixels wide. Members who have a low-bandwidth connection would have to wait for a long time for this to load. Myself, it's really annoying to see a huge image in the middle of a topic, especially if that...
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    Fanfiction ► Blinded and original KH Outtakes (for readers of Blinded, my other fic)

    Yes. . .Um. . .Yaoi is mentioned here, so stay faaaaaaaaaarrrrrr away from Ansem's Not-So-Glorious Return. XD These are general KH bloopers, as well, which are marked. AND, Destiny (my co-obsessee) will be adding to these. ~ - Fangirl fishing (KH) - ~ Sora: *sitting on the rigging with a...
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    Fanfiction ► Blinded (THIS IS THE LAST TIME I POST THIS!)

    I swear, if I lose this fic again, there is NO FRICKING WAY that I am re-posting it again. -- --Blinded-- --by Darkened Heart-- --Introduction-- A distant flag, off the shores of Destiny Island. A raft, carrying a battered girl. An evil, which contaminates the hearts of all. There's a new...