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    A bunch of media from Jillv (SPOILERS)

    Jillv/KairiLi has uploaded abunch of KH2 media so credit goes to here. I will continuosly update the page as soon as more of the videos finish uploading and converting and what not, but expect more to come later on. Menu trailer: (May conatin some spoilers)...
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    A bunch of info from 2ch (Mega spoilers)

    Titles speaks for itself, Have fun comprehending. 解析ってか、nyで流れてる。 フォームはダークフォームは簡単に手に入る。 俺の場合は運がよかった。隠し?なのか知らない。 たぶんやってたら普通に手に入る。あとたぶん一つある。 勝ち抜いてないから手に入れてない。 ラスボスはロクサスじゃない。 今たぶん2/5くらい進んだけど、アクセルがラスボスっぽいのに殺される。 COMメンバーは今の所一人も出てきてない。 キーブレードは半分固定・・?といってもいい。 一応手に入る武器はあるんだけど、 マスターフォームは片方過ぎ去りしだし...
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    A more complete scan of BHK

    Here is a slightly more complete scan of the weekly jump. Apparently the struggle does deal with balls or something. BHK and Setzer or whatever both seem to have baseball bats of somekind.
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    NEW trailer is REAl

    it turns out the new trailer is real. Here is the summary for those that missed it. **SPOILERS** FULL Trailer Summary - It starts from the coastal scene with 2 cloaked figures (DI maybe...or maybe the Deep Dive scene with GEU and SU) - BHK holding his head? (place unknown) - BHK vs. Axel...
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    Full trailer summary

    From KHU, RUMOR Kingdom Hearts 2 - New Trailer [06 Dec 2005] [Cow] Hey everyone, Supposedly there is a new trailer playing at the Square-Enix Shop in Akihabara(this sounds familar <.<') that has some pretty cool scenes: FULLTrailer Summary - It starts from the coastal scene with 2...
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    KH3 a possibility?*SPOILERS* I guess

    Got to stick to the new rule on postin info even if it's not realy a spoiler. Anyways I found this on SD. "Minor news; Talk of Kingdom Hearts 3? Roxas confirmed? In the Japanese community, there has been recent talk of the Kingdom Hearts Ultimania Alpha. Supposedly, there was talk about...
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    KH2 at Zone 05

    I could have posted this a day or two sooner (When the event actually took place) but it didn't seem to import at the moment. Anyways there is this event that is called Zone (Or perhaps it's a place. Not sure.) I think it's in france or something. Don't really care were it is. It's not like I...
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    Mildly new news. Legit this time

    Soras domain is back online and with many layouts to choose from as well as some notes from the Dengeki scans that will confirm some supicions you may have had in the past about some things. For those that don't know or haven't seen this yet then here you go. Dengeki Scans Twilight Town...
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    Passion remixed

    Not sure if this has been posted yet. I'm too lazy to look at the moment. It's called Passion -Planit T Remix or something like that. The letters are too small to read for me. Created by some guy named Mikie. I guess it's a fan remix version of Passion. Anyways all I really have to say about...
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    Possible SPOILERS- New info from KHI

    Possible SPOILERS- New info from KHI+Gotran I'm kinda of board at the moment so I've decided to make a thread on what you people think about the new info we just recieved. And if you haven't seen it yet then here you go. Note that the info contains spoilers somewhat, for those of you that...
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    KH2 info from SE newsletter

    SE released a news letter that featured some new info about the intro movie to KH2. thanks goes to KHU for the info "In Square's latest Mail Magazine Kingdom Hearts 2 was on showcase. Unfortunately there wasn't really anything worth knowing, it was mostly about Passion, reaction commands, and...
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    KH2 commercial!

    Alright He has prooven it with pictures so here is the link to dl it and the screenshots to follow. Removed the first link I posted because to many people were clicking the banners and not the actual file which was at the top. The banners linked to porn so I removed the link. New links are up...
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    Sora KH2 CG (Not a Video)

    Here is a picture from the SE cell phone site of Sora in his CG form. It is a wall paper for your phone, however according to tomogirl of kh-2.net who was the first to find it. You either have to be a member of the site, or have a japanese phone and live in japan. i'm not sure on either one...
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    Chicken little summon confirmed!

    I have found supreamly poor quality scans of some mag (V-Jump I think?) that features the chicken little summon, YuRiPa, and Stitch, Here are the pictures, http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y221/vindeggama/17577.jpg http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y221/vindeggama/17578.jpg Everytime I look at...
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    American KH2 site launched

    mksparkle was the first to report about it but his thread was closed. Don't know why, but it just was. I mainly started this so that you people could have the link to the site and so that you may discuss your opinions about the site the release date posted on the site and all of the other tid...
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    New scans (Yellow drive Vivi, TT+more).

    Here you go straight from Sorasdomain.net, http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y221/vindeggama/Scan2040c.jpg http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y221/vindeggama/Scan2040d.jpg facts: Yellow Drive=Master Form New Member=Xigbal Fujin and Raijin= Fuu and Rai.
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    HQ Site rip of trailer

    Here is the HQ site rip of the trailer thanks to Cow of KHU. http://rapidshare.de/files/7739344/kh2prom.WMV.html I know how much rapid share sucks so I'll upload it to filefront for those of you that would prefer it. Here is the filefront link. without subs...
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    SE KH2 site updated w/t trailer

    The Disney sqaure enix site has updatetd with the trailer we recieved now we can get a High quality version of it. here is the link, http://www.square-enix.co.jp/kingdom2/ And for those that still ahd a doubt about the two new order members looking like vexion and zexion, well there not. This...
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    subbed version of the new trailer

    For some reason to me this thread seems kind of useless, but that still doesn't change the fact that I made this thread. Anyways I have added Mors's translations from KHU to the video. So the video is now subbed. If you want the subbed version of the video than you can download it here on my...
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    Completed trailer

    Edit: The videos true origin is gamefaqs, and you can thank gotran for the find. This link should lead to another source to downlaod the file, http://uver.blog16.fc2.com/ This site has found the completed trailer and I must say it is bad ass. To view the trailer in it's complete form head...