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  1. naturemage2

    KH timeline from GT

    http://youtu.be/_pxmTCc6Ank so I came across this and I almost thought it was the english trailer. How silly of me. What do you guys think about gametrailer and their timeline project for kingdom hearts.
  2. naturemage2

    Xehanort omnipresence

    I just wanted to address a bit from young Xehanort chat with Sora and Traverse Town. How was he able to know Sora visited that town more than twice at most. I can understand during COM, and 3D, but how would he had known about the original or even the datascape? Also, another I wish to...
  3. naturemage2

    lvl 1 critical mode

    Question regarding completing it, are you allowed to level up your dream eaters? I know it may sound silly, but I just wanted to check if there are some unwritten rules to doing lvl 1 completion runs. Similar to when people do Nuzlocke run on pokemon.
  4. naturemage2

    water elemental spells

    What spells were classified as water based? I notice water screen and water boost support abilities. But I couldn't grasp what spells were water type?
  5. naturemage2

    about KH3 and upcoming battles

    I've been thinking it over about the keyblade war that is suppose to happen in kh3.
  6. naturemage2

    Regarding sleeping worlds

    I just wanted get some clarification in regards to sleeping worlds.
  7. naturemage2

    Aqua's spell

    from this scene YouTube - [sub]BBS: AQU7 Radiant Garden1 they show that aqua casted a protective spell onto kairi. Here is my question: Did this spell had something to do with why kairi's heart left her body back in KH1? If not, what benefit did it give to kairi?
  8. naturemage2

    master xehanort is master of what world?

    Just something i wonder about. If Master eraqus has LoD which was later inherited by Aqua, then what world did Xehanort called his own?
  9. naturemage2

    Vanitas' purpose

    After watching many trailers, something intrigued me about Vanitas. here are some data I've seen about him -he is voiced by sora's Va -his name in latin is referred to as a vessel or nothingness - he is infused with darkness -master xehanort wishes for Ventus to use his power (i'm assuming...
  10. naturemage2

    xion and computers

    Not sure if this is a spoiler, but in 358/2 days we see xion accessing the organization computer terminal to find out where she was from and etc. Is xion smarter than sora? in KH2, he couldn't even figure out how to use the computer in hollow bastion/radiant garden. I would even say he wasn't...
  11. naturemage2

    replicas and power of darkness

    Something that has been bothering me. Both riku replica and xion possessed the power of darkness yet they're neither heartless, nobody or enter the realm of darkness like DiZ. How did they manage to obtain it?
  12. naturemage2

    Memory is the key?

    Hello all (also, i don't know how to use the spoiler function if someone could tell me how i would put spoiler for alot of my reasonings) Just wanted to post up a theory of my own that relates to the connection between sora and ventus. in the intro to KH2, Sora says "A scattered dream that's...