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    (Possibly) New Re:Coded English Screenshots

    Definitely new. Thanks for the post :D
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    Nintendo power holiday 2010 issue!!

    Finally!Someone who isn't a complete ignorant.
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    Pre-Order Special: DS Icon Decals

    Re: ReCoded PREORDER SPECIAL!!!! Hmmm makes you wonder,hunh?
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    Pre-Order Special: DS Icon Decals

    They're just a bunch of stickers, actually. Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Preorder Details Announced - News - GameInformer.com
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    NA Sales...

    How can bbs sell over 800k when psp systems haven't sold that much in NA? My guess would be 200k for NA
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    Officially confirmed!

    http://gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2010/08/28/kingdom-hearts-on-psp-isn-t-downloadable.aspx I know is been confirmed before but people still keep hoping when they're wrong.
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    Kingdom Hearts BBS Final Mix on the 3DS?

    What are you talking about!? Re:Days would be epic! They could ellaborate more on the Org and add more missions,cutscenes,etc. The reason Days sucked was because of the DS's limitations
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    (Pure Speculation) Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded NA Winter Release?

    Yeah I'm guessing either late December or mid-January The game is pretty much done.
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    Kingdom Hearts: Re:Coded nearing completion!

    Sounds good. NA will probably get this game like January 2011
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    coded site update

    they could change it,you know since they're adding extras
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    Unlock Sora?

    He's not better, a tad weaker. But not a clone of Roxas. He has a different moveset and style of attacking
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    What PSP?

    Well the PSP 1000's battery life sucks (4-6 hours fully charged,screelight low) PSP 2000 has a "screen glare" problem Honestly I'd go with the 3000 Just avoid the Go.PLEASE!
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    Collector's Edition Now Available In Portugal and Greece

    WTF? Square you gotta be sh*tting bricks at me. The population in those countries is like 5 people and they're getting the Collector's
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    Overclock system news

    So there'll be more keyblades. Too bad we haven't seen any others
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    Famitsu Scans and Screenshots July 21 & 22, with translations

    LOL!!! I literally pooed myself laughing at this xD
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    Possible Re:Coded Secret Ending Scene

    Really? It works fine for me.
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    Possible Re:Coded Secret Ending Scene

    Really? It works fine for me.
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    Possible Re:Coded Secret Ending Scene

    http://img13.imageshack.us/img13/8619/2204355.swf It looks like a new character next to Sora and Riku,but he looks familiar.
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    Special Edition Confirmed for France

    Re: BBS Special Addition Confirmed(France) I j*zzed my self when I saw the collector's edition o_o Come on, Square!!! Seriously,wtf. NA has the second highest sales for KH(1st being Japan) They better bring it here or I'll kill him *holds baby at gunpoint*
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    Re:Coded Press Release!!!

    Re: Coded Press Release!!! what a fail! 2020? How retarded can you be to put that their