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    KHFanatic4565 vs. ThePromise Null Tier

    Battle Type: Power/Melee Setting: A massive forest of Sequoia trees located around a snow-capped mountain. Conditions: The winner will be the one who incapacitates his opponent first Restrictions: There are no restrictions other than the normal rules Templates are not required.
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    You've Become Boring

    Open Challenge time once again. Sorry about just dissapearing like that. A project came up that I needed to be involved in. Whoever wants to fight me can join.
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    Playing God

    I have returned to KHI. :smile: Consider this my return challenge, and I apologize for always appearing and dissapearing. It's easy to get bored here unfortunately.
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    Unlucky 13 (Order Rankings- 9)

    If you are not familiar with this by now, then I will be very sad. pete:< Type: Hybrid Location: Please see the Rank 13 challenge. Conditions: Please see Rank 13 Characters: KHFanatic4565: Gabriel King Sora X: Do you accept?
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    Did you truly believe no one would challenge you? (Order Ranking- 13)

    MESMAR, I challenge you to a duel. The winner will claim the thirteenth position. Battle Type: Power/Melee Location: Froze- A frozen land where very little life exists. In the distance, pure white mountain ranges can be seen when the land is clear of the mostly constant blizzard above...
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    Reborn in life

    A rather form of an open challenge that is something I want to do. I don't care about what you put up as long as it isn't a god. I simply ask for combat in any form. In short, that means: SOMEBODY, ANYBODY, FIGHT ME! That is all.
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    Blah Blah Blah ('Challenge' to Ashes Remnant)

    You know how this works. No need for templates. Just post on this.
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    Betrayal of the Apprentices/Organization XIII(Spoilers)

    We know how the Organization is created, but we never knew why, except for Xemnas, the their order was the way it was placed. It was just put to the order they joined. With what we know of BBS, I'm going to post a newer update to that theory I haven't seen yet. It wasn't the order they joined...
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    Braig/Ienzo to reappear in the future(Theory+spoilers)

    This is something I've been thinking of since KH2: FM+ came out. In the scene where Xigbar talks about the CoR/CoA, he chooses to talk to Zexion of all people. Why would he choose him of all beings? He deliberately turned Zexion's interest towards CO, and more than likely influenced him to go...
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    Incriminations(Order Ranking Battle for 10)

    This is a challenge to D2L for the 10th Rank. Battle Type: Power Rules: Last Man Standing(In short, this battle will only end once one of us is defeated or surrender. The only requirement for judging is if both of our characters draw.) Location: To be decided. KHFanatic4565: D2L: (I'll...
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    Unranked Challenges Thread(for Official Ranking)

    As the title states, the purpose of this thread is to get together challenges from unranked battlers to those under rank. More specifically 16-20. 16:Ashes Remnant 17.Fallen Grace(now Grace Falls) 18.King Sora X(Now King X) 19.Healing Vision 20.Morpheaus A couple rules. 1. This is only...
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    The first Order Ranking Battle(For the 14th position)

    http://forums.khinsider.com/battles/133038-official-order-rankings.html I challenge Chromatic_Chaos for his position on the chart as the rank below. Character Type: Power Battle Type: Original Location: Will be left to the challengee Special Conditions: None Chromatic_Chaos: Xander...
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    [PC] Tournament Round Two ~ Rem v.s KHFanatic4565

    Rem as whoever KHFanatic4565 as whoever Rem will post 1st. Got it? Good.
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    A simple little battle

    This is a battle for Time. I don't have to explain any rules, but, since I want to be surprised, there will be no Templates.
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    Forums Restored!!!

    The Forums are back up. Opinions go here about it. It's as simple as that.
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    A Prelude to Destiny(Challenge to Blahmaster)

    As I shall challenge Blah now, this takes place before the tournament. Template is pending.
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    Fanfiction ► Bittersweet Symphony

    Bittersweet Symphony Prologue: The Mirrors to the Soul There was chaos abound. Under normal circumstances, it would be swirling in the everpresent condition of ataxia that it so represented, consuming all in it's path. Yet this was not in motion, but what seemed to be contained. By law...
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    A little something I noticed looking back.

    In the battle against Xenmas when he was the EM in Final Mix, when he is asked who he is/Goofy says, "Ansem", Xenmas replies 'That's a familiar sound.' He also says 'You look like him.' As we already know, when he said that, he meant Roxas, but what if he meant something else as well. We...
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    Supreme Observation(Challenge to Garion.)

    This is a challenge to Garion. The rules are simple enough. 1. No Powerplaying. 2. No Godmodding. Judges: 1. 2. 3.
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    In-Depth Organization XIII/xehanort Theory

    This theory will come in installments, since the amount that I have to say would be easier to read. Beware, it will sound like I am stating facts. These are not facts, but elaborate theories that tie in to one another. 1. Secret Ending: Xehanort(Believed by myself to be the Enigmatic Soldier)...