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    Pre-Order Special: DS Icon Decals

    They're just a bunch of stickers, actually. Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Preorder Details Announced - News - GameInformer.com
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    Officially confirmed!

    http://gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2010/08/28/kingdom-hearts-on-psp-isn-t-downloadable.aspx I know is been confirmed before but people still keep hoping when they're wrong.
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    Possible Re:Coded Secret Ending Scene

    http://img13.imageshack.us/img13/8619/2204355.swf It looks like a new character next to Sora and Riku,but he looks familiar.
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    Official Strangest Dreams Thread

    My strangest dream I had today, which gave me the idea to make this thread. "I was walking on a highway near a town I've never seen before. A Jeep SUV drives up next to me,black guy driving while some blonde girl is bent over,as if to give him a bj.Somehow I end up in the car o_o. Now I say...
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    KH3DS Plot

    I think kh3ds takes place during the time Sora is asleep. Think about it. During Days, Riku helps Namine with the restoration process and might've had to go into Sora's dream to help him. Now alot of you are going to say: "TWILIGHT THORN IS THERE AND SORA NEVER MET HIM! YOU FAIL AND KH2 IS TOO...
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    Backwards keyblade?

    YouTube - Kingdom Hearts: 3D Demo [Nintendo 3DS] At about 0:12, the picture of Sora and Twilight Thorn, you can see Sora is holding his keyblade the wrong way, with the teeth pointing down instead of up. Any thoughts?
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    The bridge is missing!?

    Yep. As the title says, the bridge in Destiny Island is missing. The won you cross to go to the bent Paopu tree. See for yourself: http://www.famitsu.com/image/9516/HEU3kRoF2HTp6nm7ASXK87xL7ZetY4n2.html Do you guys think the bugs in the journal might've knocked it down?
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    Who won E3 ?

    Honestly who do you think did better at E3: -Sony -Nintendo -Microsoft Some people say that Microsoft won because of the announcement of Gears of War 3 and Kinect and the Xbox 360 Slim. Sony supposedly won with Gran Turismo 5 and the PlayStation Move. Nintendo was really the one who...
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    EarthBound for the 3DS!

    Imagine how awesome a remake for earthbound on the Nintendo 3DS would be!!!! Improved graphic+3D+earthbound= GREATEST THING EVER! Get working,nintendo
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    Re:Coded disappointment

    Re:Coded disappointment It appears they are using the same graphics engine as Days. I realy wanted them to keep the orignal's sprites. I think its fake, though. Why?: -Sora's HP face looks "fan-made" -the battle menu looks kinda choppy
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    How many of you are actually for Re:Coded?

    Seriously! As the title says, people have been flaming on Re:Coded since it was announced yesterday! I for one am happy as a clam that its coming to NA(and on the Nintendo DS). Just vote and then comment about what you want, don't like, or like about it. I hope they: -make it longer -keep the...
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    Side Quests(SPOILER FREE)

    For those of you that have played bbs, are there any sidequests you can do after you beat the game, like kh1? Thnx for the input and please no spoilers!!! ps: I'd look this up myself and youtube, but last time I did that I accidentally got spoiled with Vanitas' identity and I dont wanna go in...
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    is this real?
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    BBS desnt know

    On the official NA bbs site, it asks you to submit a release date. You can see it here: KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep | SQUARE ENIX Is this so Squeenix can see when the fans want the game by so they can hurry with the localization?
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    New Kingdom Hearts Release Date, Exclusive U.S. Content, And PSP Pack Revealed - News - GameInformer.com says September 7th
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    YouTube - Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days PLAYING AS ORG MOOGLE found this. its pretty cool just wanted to show you guys. i thought they were gonna make him an official playable character but i guess not
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    bbs is winning

    BBS IS WINNING THE MOST ANTICIPATED GAME OF THE E3 RACE!!!! Readers' Choice Most Anticipated Games of E3 15% of the votes belong to BBS
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    Coded VoiceActing

    Does Coded have any voice acting? I ask this cause it being a cellphone game I don't think it would, but I could be wrong. Thanks in advance!
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    Disney MP3 Player

    Only available in asian territories(Japan,China,etc.)
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    KH=new console

    Well after I beat Days and the hype was over, bbs got more attention, but I hated bbs....until... My friend tells me he's selling his PSP for $50 w/ memory card and medal of honor. So now I can't wait for BBS! Has any KH game ever made you buy a new system?