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  1. Kingroxas

    Is Twilight town based in Paris?

    "Le Grand Bistro" contains "Little chef" and so does the movie Pixar movie "Ratatouille" which is based in Paris so would Twilight town be based in Paris?
  2. Kingroxas

    What got you into KH?

    So... this seems like a simple question, what got you into kingdom hearts was it the actually the story of the games, were you just in it for the FF cameos, did you just like the Disney aspect.
  3. Kingroxas

    Tales of series

    Since there was not a thread to discuss the Namco Bandai's Tales of series/games like Tales of the abyss or Tales of Xillia I'd thought I make one.
  4. Kingroxas

    Dragon Quest in Kingdom Hearts

    As some of you know Dragon quest is also a square enix property so that could make the series more likely to show up in Kingdom Hearts... what are your guy's thoughts on this and what game do you think they would add? I think characters from DQ8 would fit well. (also account turns 10 years today !)
  5. Kingroxas

    Timeless river and time travel

    Replaying over kh2 today (not 2.5) I came across the timeless river world which does not use the standard laws of time travel as explained by young mx in kh3d, can someone help here?
  6. Kingroxas

    Should the Kingdom hearts series ended awhile back?

    Anyone else think that the kingdom hearts Series should have ended awhile back and well...not have the story be so complex? Don't get me wrong I have every single kingdom hearts that's out and I buy every single kingdom hearts that comes out but I believe that Kingdom hearts just should have...
  7. Kingroxas

    Goodbye (Again)

    I tend to leave this forum once some updates of things start to dull out and come back once big news has been announced (like the announcement of BBS, Re:coded, Days, 3D, ect...) I guess I'll come back around the time they announce the next big title (not the 1.5 remix, doesn't seems that big of...
  8. Kingroxas

    KH 3D Revisit worlds after finishing them?

    Didn't exactly know which section to post this in but I was wondering in Kingdom hearts 3D are you able to revisit worlds after finishing them? I'm kinda wondering this cause you don't have a gummy ship in this game, just the dive mechanic.
  9. Kingroxas

    For the Khinsider team!

    I was bored :P this can also serve as a wallpaper.
  10. Kingroxas

    KH 3D NA Release Date?

    From my Nintendo Power:
  11. Kingroxas


    Am I the only one who thought that the Unversed in BBS needed alittle more back story/explanation? I played BBS several times and I still don't see any real story line with the unversed, well not as much as with the heartless or nobodies (Does not read Reports).
  12. Kingroxas

    Info plz? :D -spoilers?-

    Well you see....Ive been Ignoring the recoded info....and im wondering inf someone could fill me in on what the game is about I dont care about spoilers I just know it has something to do with a data sora XD
  13. Kingroxas

    1 Year? -Kh3 thread-

    Well I'm just going to state even though kh2 didn't come out until 2005/2006 Its trailer came out at the Tokyo game show in 2003 1 year after kh1 was released so shouldn't that mean that at least by next years TGS we should have a another trailer because it would be a year since bbs came out.
  14. Kingroxas

    I saw sora Riku and kairi at sakura con in april :3 lol

    I just thought this was cool and I didnt have time to post it eairlyer this year (mostly because I forgot) :P
  15. Kingroxas

    Deep Dive Understandment help?

    Hi all I kinda need help understanding Deep Dive I was watching it the other day... I saw this Who is the guy on the far left with the glowing eye since the 2nd on the left is Riku the 3rd is Roxas and the person on the right is Xemnas. Now also I found this picture It says the third enemy, ...
  16. Kingroxas

    Whats inside a nobody?

    Well all nobody's have some form of a zipper on them this just makes me wonder at times what is inside it and also I want to know, when the organization became nobody's what happened to their heartless I mean when sora became a heartless and roxas was born because sora had a strong heart/will I...
  17. Kingroxas

    Kingdom Hearts Fan-Movie *Not live action*

    I'm making a fully rigged 3d Kingdom hearts fan-movie taking place kh1-kh2 or with hope bbs -kh2 Here are 2 trailers of character Rigs / Renders YouTube - Kingdom hearts Movie (Rig test) YouTube - Kingdom hearts *The Unofficial* Movie update -Re:formed into movie form-
  18. Kingroxas

    Falcon Punch Crystal Bearers Style

    YouTube - Final Fantasy Crystal Bearers Falcon Punch The event seemed so familure i had to make a vid of it :tongue: