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  1. Pestilence

    2.5 Japanese sales numbers are out

    And it didn't do good at all. Famitsu numbers for 2.5 first week: 85.354 Famitsu numbers for first week of 1.5 were 131.940 That's a whooping 45.000 drop. And it will probably be even worse in the west since it's a PS3 only release and that market isn't exactly doing well these days :( I'm...
  2. Pestilence

    Question about KH2FM+

    Cookie to the one that can answer this. What bonus do you get in KH2FM if you have Re:Com completed save file and vice versa?
  3. Pestilence

    E3 Birth By Sleep Previews

    Now that E3 is coming to an end the previews are starting to show up from the playable english demo. I will edit them in as they start appearing. Destructoid Preview IGN Preview Gamerlimit Preview Gamepro Preview RPG Site Preview Gamertell Preview Kombo Preview Examiner Preview...
  4. Pestilence

    Pestilence upon juu!

    Hiya there, been lurking these forums for quite a while in anticipation for BBS and finally got myself to register. Regular hikikomori failure from country known as Finland (that socialist country in north pole wheres vikings and penguins etc.) I shall wait and see if I can harness the energy to...