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    Brave and Valor

    so let me get this straight brave form is when he fuses w/ goofy and valor orm is when he fuses w/ donald is this right
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    name definitions

    what do the names of the characters mean i think i read some where that sora means like sky or wind and riku means earth
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    dont u think it sucks

    that the game comes out in winter and not in summer cuz then we wont have time to play that much (well maybe we will idk) i wish it would come out in summer
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    who would win

    who would win auron or sephiroth
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    who would win

    who would win cloud or auron i think auron
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    jump festa

    ffadvanced.com has that trailer but when i download it the picture doesnt show why is that
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    since they closed the bhk topic i ddint get my qjestion answered so here it is for u why is it that bhk can always have 2 keyblades and sora has to be in brave form
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    new keyblades

    does any one know of any new keyblades like names appearances etc
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    what character

    what characters story are u most looking forward to hear mine is axels
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    what are u lookin forward to

    like the title what are u most lookin forward to in kh2 like weapons abilitiess for mem itz the brave form and bhk::shoutz::wats his name
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    haley joel osment

    i heard he wasnt gonna voice sora but on kh2.co.uk it says he is