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    I notice somethin and it may have something to do with his new clothes

    ok, I'm not sure about this haveing anything to do with his clothes, thats just a thought, not a theory really but anyway, a few days ago there was a post about the paintings in the hotel in travers town and how it says dawn and dusk and how that has something to do with the dusk in KH2. and I...
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    seriously now guys, I have wondered for alittle over 2 years now, where is pluto durring KH1, I suppose that he goes and findes mickey ( somehow ) and stays with him, it makes alittle sense sence he has mickeys letter... wait a min.... whats in that letter? it just struck me as I was writeing...
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    where can I find Deep Dive again

    hey everybody, I've been a member on these forums for a while and I have to say I think alot of you are pretty smart as far as KH goes, and I was hopeing you guys could help me out alitte. a while back, close to a year maybe, I had downloaded Deep Dive off of gametrailers.com, and one day I went...
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    the few people who deserve respect

    hey there everybody, I would like to take the time out of my day to bring to everyones attention a few people in these forums who really deserve to have there names mentioned due to there... how do I put this... lack of tottal stupidity in KH forums, I'm not saying that everyone who isn't on...
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    Why I think BHK has his keyblades

    ok, my theory which I have put quite a bit of thought into is BHK didn't get his keychains from journeying like sora did in kh1 and as we all know keychains are what make the keyblade into the form you want example- kiaris lucky charm turns it into oathkeeper. NO rather than journing he got his...