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    Chains of Memories questions

    She wasn't really "erasing." In the end of the game, she says she simply takes the links and rearranges them and plants the memories SHE wants him to "remember."
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    Re: COM on PROUD Wow, I haven't been here in ages. And this particular section of the forum especially. TO be honest, I definitely found sonic blade to be the most useful sleight. My deck was pretty standard though-- it was practically just a few modifications from the deck you start of with. I...
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    i have a question

    Oh, hello Highwinder. Good of you to join lad. XD Like the 45 yr old? xD j/k I couldn't let that get away.
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    i have a question

    Lol. Haven't been on this forum in a while (It's my favorite). Seems a lot of things have change, and some haven't (considering this thread). Now bow to me and welcome me home xD I have to say, I'm surprised that this thread actually reached a second page, when it shouldn't have even existed in...
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    logging off

    Yeah. Just create a save point from the "Moment's Reprieve" cards.
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    Sora a MURDERER?

    I don't know. It's really just more like defeat. Murder is too harsh to be considered in this game. And that's good xD
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    Sora a MURDERER?

    Meh. I wouldn't consider it murder. When I think of murder or killing, I tend to imagine a bit more gore and such. All the heartless do is just puff into black smoke and release munny and HP/MP orbs. And on a technicality, that goes the same with the Org, whether you choose to follow the...
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    The first time you fight riku

    Took me more than a few tries, and I'm glad. Riku is an awesome character, and I didn't want him to be a push-over. Of course, half of his HP was reduced by himself, due to me deflecting all his attacks back xD
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    have you beaten the game?

    I agree with you--only because it's getting sorta boring and repetitive. It was great playing it over and over the first few months, but now...eh. Besides, my stupid GB SP has a screwed up R1 and L1 button. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
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    have you beaten the game?

    I beat it all (including RR) in one week. Auron, how could you have the Fenrir in CoM? xD
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    Has anyone beat KH2 with Sora having only a three hit combo?

    Did you know that an even better Idea would be for you STFU if you have absolutly nothing worth saying? Ever heard of curiousity; something that IS allowed on the forums?? So .....by your standard..it's mandated fro one to complete something before they make a thread on a fourm about it? And...
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    What was your saddest part in KH2? (Possible spoilers)

    When Seifer said "That's undeniable proof that we owned you lamers"....tsk tsk...very sad, and disappointing( I was expecting so much from KH2)...until I realized...it was actually a funny quote.
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    simple and clean planitb remix full version

    ummmm.....Yeah....did you not read? he downloaded from there, his WMP doesnt support it -.- you could try using real player or downloading a later version of WMP(10) if you havent done so already. The link to it can be right here...
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    simple and clean planitb remix full version

    hahahahahahhahahahahahhaha, jk XD....well, get a better WMP, first of which one are you using. I dont believe that there are any other link, since most of them have been hosted by filefront...but maybe....youtube? XD Music videos
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    simple and clean planitb remix full version

    ...Download it, do it, now. thats the name of her album, which is like 4 freaking songs...mainly for KH1, the other 2 songs are japanese kareoke, if you like singing high-pitched, perky songs, go on ahead and listen to that as well. Actually, they don't have the full plantit B remix. I thought...
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    simple and clean planitb remix full version

    http://files.filefront.com/SEARCH/;3713605;;/fileinfo.html It has 3 other tracks on it too ^^;; So...shush?
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    nooby question (>.<)"

    Seeing as you know how to use a spoiler box, cant you at least put some spaces init, and hit enter ever now and then in a sentence? If you dont, the box will just keep on stretching and stetching in one huge line. This is in the spoiler forum-.- unless it was moved 0.o
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    nooby question (>.<)"

    No, well, from what I heard, Riku just has his coat on I guess, 1. to spy, and 2. to conceal his face. as for Mickey, he's just on the wrong and wears the coat to conceal his identity. Thats why he was shushing Goofy and Donald when they referred to him as the King. Spoiler Question 1...
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    why riku........why???

    Well, I know kairi lost her heart, well sort of. But overall, Namine wasnt created due to Kairi turning into a heartless (if she really did) it as when Sora and kairi shared a heart, and then when he unlocked his.
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    Trailers and Actual Game Differences

    Excuse me, know things I don't? Where in the world in this thread have people been saying that this is old news, and that they knew about this already, where in the world have they said that this a dumb topic? Where in the world have people in this thread said they knew, not notice stuff that I...