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  1. J

    Fusion Theory.

    I put this by accident in the normal KH2 forum, but i put it in the spoiler forum as well since i intended to put it here in the first place. Guess i,ll start from the beginning. Whenever you drive, there,s a chance that you can go into anti-form right? Now, people say it has nothing to do with...
  2. J

    Fusion Theory. *Spoilers*

    Wrong forum, I put it in the Spoiler forum.
  3. J

    Demyx Boss battle + Drive Gauge.

    There,s something that puzzles me. In the Drive form Faq on this board, it says there,s 4 battles that makes you increase your drive gauge. Now, i just watched a japanese Demyx boss battle where the player had a maximum drive gauge of 3 and battled Demyx. After that, i watched a second jap...
  4. J


    There are some things about driving i couldnt get off my mind, so i was hoping someone could answer this. I have some questions: 1. So, if you go into drive-form before a cutscene and a bossbattle, you will see the drive form in the cutscene, but will you also start the battle in that form? 2...
  5. J

    New Rookie in town.

    Hi every1, i,m from the Netherlands and new on this forum, i,m a huge Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy fan and pretty much addicted to anime and RPG,s. Well, thats it. :o