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    Reversed Sanctuary

    Does anybody have Sanctuary in wav format or have a reversed version of Sanctuary? I want to hear the backwards lyrics. Please and thank you =)
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    Anybody have Sanctuary (After the Battle) MP3??

    Hey, I was just wondering if anybody had the mp3 to sanctuary (after the battle). I found passion (after the battle) but I can't find the one for sanctuary. Sorry if there has been a thread to this already, I've honestly looked but I only found passion and I already checked bluelaguna.net and...
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    xigbar..what level?

    Ok so I'm in TWTNW and I'm stuck on xigbar, he keeps killing me on that part where he starts shooting the lasers really fast on that tiny square. I know you are just supposed to run around and it works for about four times but on one of the last few times when he does that move, usually on his...
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    Sora's Birthday!

    Hey guys I just looked on imdb.com and noticed it is Haley Joel Osment's (Sora's VA) 18th birthday. Geez...I can't believe he is already 18. Well anyway you guys probably dont care lol and I just thought I would post this for those who do. Sorry I didn't really know where to put this thread...