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    Crowns (is so confused)

    Ok, from Xaldin's thread, I don't quite get it. Do you get the crown from beating the 12 puzzles, and than you upgrade it by beating the Mushrooms, Org, and ES? Or do you get a crown by doing one of those 3, and than can upgrade it twice, and the puzzle has nothing to do with the...
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    Could (spoiler) be Vexen

    Now than, assuming that Ven and Aqua are the names of the other 2 knights. We have this. Ven VExeN Now, of course that is taking a liberty with the orginization naming rule, BUT, it is the same letter, and it would make a little sense if one of the people in that video is Xehanort, that...
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    Are Roxas' keyblades real a new look (spoilers)

    YouTube - KH2:FM+ - New Scene - Riku Vs. Roxas in TWTNW (subbed) Check at 1:20. What was that, oh, that was Roxas summoning a keyblade. Now than, for 11 months I have said that Roxas's keyblades were the real deal, while having to deal with... I could have got 100+ more, but you...
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    What happened between Sunset Horizen and Birth By Sleep? (spoiler?)

    Ok, I know, it seems like nothing can happen, being that UEM is really close at the end of Sunset Horizen. But SOMETHING happened. At the end of SH we have the 3 Knights all with their personal "fake" keyblades, AND each of them is holding one REAL keyblade, as UEM is coming closer. Now...
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    Sonic Forms

    Okay, I have wondered about this for sometime, does anybody know the name of all the Chaos/Super/Sol Emerald forms. I know that these have been CONFIRMED by Sega, so these are correct. Super Sonic (super mode in more than I care to mention right now) Turbo Tails (hyper mode in Sonic 3 and...
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    Why does Xemnas not have the Sitar?

    During the the first Knight Battle with Xemnas, he has everybody elses weapons except for Demyx (The all drop their weapons, so I guess Xemnas comes by and picks them up after they die) he still does the Dance Water Dance move (doesn't say the words though) he just does not use a Sitar to summon...
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    Why does the keyblade glow?

    This is not one of those threads asking why the Keyblade was "gold" in the intro. This is a thread asking why the keyblade always glows the first time you take it out in an area.
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    Roxas or Hayner, who was the leader?

    Dang it, I wanted a poll, but oh well, who was the leader of the group in the Digital Twilight Town, Roxas or Hayner?
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    MP Rage question

    Okay, does MP rage increase the MP restoration (like Ether and MP balls) or does it only work when you currently have MP (In which case it is incredibly useless,
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    # of Battle Report screens and how to get them

    Okay, I know of 4 as it is, though I am not sure on the requirements. I know that Proud mode has at least 2, and standard and begginer has at least 1. Does anyone know of the requirements, and what they look like (though I am pretty sure I have seen them all now.
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    Does MP Haste, and MP Hastaga compound?

    Ok, if I have the Ultima Weapon equipped, AND MP haste ability, does that increase the recovery rate even MORE.
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    Fortune Tellers reaction

    How do you get this? I have an easier time with the air pirates than this.
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    One Final Look at Deep Dive

    Now that KH II has been released, Deep Dive (and ASAS if anybody wants to bring that up) deserves one final review, mainly over the #'s and what they ultimately meant. XIII-Where is Sora, We must find him 12-[Ansem's Other Report] A creation born of ignorance 11-Behind the Darkness The...
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    I finally got Axel's purpose.

    All right, now with how simple it is I know everyone else all ready knows it probably, but it just clicked for me. I always thought that Saix told you Axel was trying to turn you into a heartless to scare you, that it was not true. Likewise, I never could get why Axel kidnapped Kairi (I still...
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    Roxas' and K's Keyblade, are they real ones?

    Just what the title says, is Roxas Keyblade real, and the same with Kairi's. I think they are personally
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    Help understanding some thing on WTNW.

    When Sora asks Riku why he tried to do so much alone, does anybody know what he means, it is not like Riku was trying to take down the org or anything. Who is the "he" Roxas talks about, Ansem the Wise or Xemnas? Why does Mickey ask Ansem why he did not come to him when things got so bad...
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    Harder Fight, Enigmatic Man, in Final Mix, or Kingdom Hearts 2 Xemnas

    Title^ i think Xemnas from KH 2 is the more difficult battle myself, even though he is mandatory, but the Unknown wasn't, he just was not as difficult as Final Form Xemnas
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    Was he evil? Am I the only one that thinks that he and Roxas were also frineds, like Axel and Roxas? I got that from his conversations. one more thing, why does everybody thing think that Demyx was weak, I thought he was the hardest org member to fight after Xaldin, and Xemnas Final Form...