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    The New York Times KH2 review...

    Titled "Some Sequels Really Are Worth the Wait" it's satisfying to see KH2 in a newspaper that's so formative and articulate. I was actually quite surprised to see it in this morning's edition. http://www.nytimes.com/2006/03/30/technology/circuits/30game.html?pagewanted=1&_r=1
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    The RahXephon Series

    Has anybody seen this anime? I discovered it thanks to the Euphoria AMV by Koopiskeva, which by the way is an amazing video. I've heard that this series is underappreciated and am surprised by that because it's a gorgeous anime. The character designs are stunning and the plot is very intruiging...
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    Game Informer NA review...

    So, apparently Kingdom Hearts 2 scored a well deserved 9 in the latest issue of Game Informer. I've never read the magazine so I don't know whether or not that's an impressive score for their standards. The review would make any KH fan happy. They seemed very enthusiastic about the game and...
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    Fanfiction ► ~Hush~

    *deep breath* Here it goes: Hush: Chapter 1 She knew she should be getting back. It was going to be dark soon and if she didn’t move from this spot, finding her way back home would be a complete nightmare. Nightmares. She shuddered against the cool breeze that swept itself across the...
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    Are there more than two FMVs?

    One of the first questions that came to mind when I heard that KHII was coming out was "Will there be more FMVs?" I was hoping that KHII would have unexpected FMVs appearing ever now and then like, say FFX? Is it all just cutscenes throughout the game or are there FMVs that have not leaked out...
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    Part of the New Commercial!

    Run...run like the wind....part of it's been leaked!! http://files.filefront.com/4482340/ (Thanks to KHU)
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    Screen caps from the PV trailer! *Contains SPOILERS*

    Even though the screen caps are small and in icon form, they're high quality! If you snag any of them please comment & credit fruit. She/He created them! But DON'T click this link if you haven't seen the trailer yet! http://www.livejournal.com/community/kh_icons/159858.html#cutid1
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    Fanfiction ► A Small Kairi/Sora Fic

    I've never posted anything in this part of the forum, so I thought I would give it a try. This little drabble came to mind when I was listening to the 40 sec. clip of Passion. I hope you enjoy it! ~~ She knew she should be getting back. It was going to be dark soon and if she didn’t move...
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    Swimming Tidus....

    I just beat FFX *shouts with joy*! Hey, don't roll your eyes, I just discovered the game a year ago. Anyway...... ***FFX SPOILER*** I was wondering about the little scene after all the credits roll past and you see Tidus in the fetal position in the water before he stretches and then...
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    Braska's Final Aeon

    I am tearing my hair out over this last boss. School has started and I had promised myself that I would finish FFX b/4 school started. Looks like I broke that promise. Anyway, does anybody out there have an explanation on how to beat this boss? My Tidus has quick hit, Yuna has Holy, Lulu has...
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    Plz help, Seymour is so frickin' annoying!

    I am getting my a** whooped for the millionth time by Seymour Flux in FFX. My characters cannot survive the Cross Cleave and Final Annihilation, does that mean I have to level up in order to succeed? Does anybody have a good strategy for this battle? Thanks!
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    Fanfiction ► Fulfilling Destiny

    Yeah! I finally got the courage to post my first fanfiction on this board. I hope you enjoy it! Summary: The worlds are in chaos and to protect the world order it will take more than one strong will. Sora and BHK team up and work together through the evil that is yet to come...
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    What level were you at when you beat him? I want to be at a level that would get through him easily, b/c I am really, really anxious to see the end of the game. I'm at level 56, do I need to level up more? Oh, and what is up with the "Freeze" command during the battle?
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    What other songs remind you of KH?

    Other than the theme song, Simple and Clean, what other songs remind you of KH? I love trance, it has the "infinity and beyond" feeling going on (lol, I just sounded like something from Toy story didn't I?) and there's this song called Ordinary World by Aurora. You guys probably have heard of...
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    What do you have to do to get Secret Video?

    I heard there is a secret video (ASAS?) at the end of Kingdom Hearts you can see only if you complete everything in the game. Does that mean just finding all the dalmations and sealing all the worlds including winnie the pooh and the coliseum? Or is there other things to do? Thanks for help!
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    Hey everyone! (I'm new!)

    Hi, my name is Mimi. (Actually that's my nickname!) And well, I'm a fifteen year old who happens to love Kingdom Hearts! (Lol, I hope there are other highschoolers on this board!) I have not beaten Kingdom Hearts yet....and the reason is because yesterday I accidently saved a new game over a...